July 25, 2015


What is a beautiful mistake? Is there any beauty in committing a mistake? Certainly there is, a mistake that was taken whole heartedly. What do I mean by this? If you make a mistake make sure all your power, all your confidence was used even though you commit that mistake. Did you see big time performers, athletes. celebrities that commits a mistake? It's still beautiful right? It is because even though they make a mistake, they did it with confidence. After all they didn't bother making a mistake at all, that is how confident people feel, making mistake to them is not a big thing.

Some people doesn't even notice when they make a mistake. It is because they still act very natural and pretend that something wrong didn't happen. Sometimes they even blame others even though it is really their fault which is not a good thing. Some confident people just laugh at it and admit it, they even exaggerate it so it will be even more funnier.

If you made a mistake don't panic, act as if nothing wrong happened, act as if it is ok with you and you don't care about it. If you don't attach any negative emotions to your mistake or you don't feel bad about it then it will easily be forgotten. If you made mistake so bad just make it a comedy, exaggerate it or just ignore it, stop focusing on embarrassment or what are people thinking. Just get back to what you are doing and laugh it inside of your brain.

When you are so much sure of what you are doing and your confidence is so high even if you made a mistake people will still trust you, your confidence and your greatness will cover the mistake that you did. Some people will even think if it is a mistake or is it a part of what you are doing. You can cover up any mistake that you did if you didn't rattle, if you stay on your core confidence and continue performing at your best.

Look at those NBA star players who committed a bad pass, an airball and stupid turnovers, They can't be blamed by their teammates or coaches because they are very sure of what they are doing. They move with grace, they move with confidence so their weakness can't be exposed. Sometimes they even blame others even if they are the one who is responsible for such an ugly mistake.

The technique here is don't panic, move naturally, be yourself and just focus on the next thing. Stop focusing on your mistake or else it will multiply as the law of attraction permits so. Breath deeply if you need to and don't let people feel that you are discouraged or you are embarrassed. Put your heads up and let them know that it is not a big deal.

Permit yourself to create a lot of mistakes in life, have a mindset that it's not the end of your life or world if you commit one. Have an unshakable belief so people will bend to you and not you bending to them. If you create a lot of mistakes you will get use to it and everytime you commit one you will not be anxious, you will not lose focus. People even love individuals who inspite committing a big mistake can still rise on the big stage. People who are not afraid of committing a mistake are more creative and successful because they just do it, they are so loose so they push themselves to the limits. They knew that it is normal and they can be themselves whenever they wanted to be.

Mistakes are nothing may it be big or small, it is just a reminder that we are only humans.

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