July 28, 2015


Ok, a lot of people were asking what is the best way to exercise and the easiest way to get fit. I say What? easiest way? there is no easy way. I am not scaring you but there is no easy way. Those programs that you see on tv about getting slim for just 5 mins a day is a complete chicken poop. It will just shred your savings and promise you unachievable results.

The best way to exercise is to run, it can be a slow run or a fast run, whatever it is that makes you sweat that is fine. Why running? first it is easy you don't need to think about it, running has a lot of benefits, it gives you endurance, stamina, mental strength and of course it is good for the heart. Running needs no money involved, you can even run with just slippers if you have no rubber shoes just make sure your slippers is not so old coz you might trip later or it might break on the road. Running gives a very nice feeling especially if you pushed yourself a little bit. It will give you a lot of energy boost to do more tasks and you will see incredible changes to your body and mind once you incorporate it to your routine.

I've been a big fitness fan and before running is not yet a part of my everyday routine and I am glad that it is part now. I've been running everyday for 2 straight months and it gives a lot of benefits to my life. It gives me more focus to finish a task, it is because of the meditative state of mind that was developed during running. It also gives me confidence, my body is slowly getting ripped and as a 31 year old guy I am so happy because my tummy is very much smaller than other guys in my age.

A lot of people were asking me where do I run and what is the secret to being consistent. They don't know that I am only running inside of my home, I am using a manual treadmill that will make you force your legs to move because you are the one who is in control of it. I think it is much better than the automatic treadmill because you will be force to use more energy and it is more difficult. The more the difficult the exercise, the larger its benefits.

I am not saying that treadmill is far better than jogging or running it is still up to you but it has a big advantage than running/jogging. What is the big advantage? In treadmill you cannot make excuses One of the biggest excuse that outdoor exercises give is the weather. If it is raining some runners will not run, if it is too hot runners will stop. In treadmill, because it is placed inside of your home, you cannot make excuses. You still need to run no matter what.

Another excuse that outdoor exercise give is the schedule. Some people are saying their schedule is not congruent to jogging/running. They always say that they cannot jog or run anymore because they arrived at home at 10 pm or even later, it is not safe to run at that time. Well in treadmill you cannot make excuses. It is only in your room so go and abuse it you don't need to go outside. Rape that treadmill and let your sweat run through its parts. You can even watch tv for 3 hours straight after your work so what is your excuse not using the equipment.

Another alternative if you don't have a treadmill is jumping rope, it is also very affordable and convenient. You can even make a homemade jumping rope if you don't have 3 dollars to buy it. You even buy a $150 dollar program of shredding abs that you don't even use so what is $3 to you?

This is just my opinion, I do an exercise that will not give an excuse not to do so I prefer treadmill and jumping rope but at the end of the day it is still up to you. You don't need to choose what exercise to do for as long as you have the will to have a nice body and healthy life you will find a way.

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