July 01, 2015


Hey! Don't ever complain like that again! Don't ever try to get a lot of attention from people that you were treated unfairly. You cannot trick the universe, it gives you what you deserve or what you focus into. Don't say that you work hard yet you didn't get what you want in your life. The universe watches you all the time, maybe you really work hard but that work is not enough, maybe you work hard for just three days then you sleep on the 4 remaining days of the week. You cannot fool the universe it has a log book of your activities. The universe will give you back what you put in so don't ever ask something back if you didn't put any work, what I mean by work is real work not just a work that is a lazy work. You will be rewarded if you really deserve it, it maybe delayed sometimes but the more it is delayed the bigger the reward is.

If you try a thousand times but didn't get rewarded don't worry.. the universe recorded that effort, there is a reward waiting for you but it will only be given if you will not stop trying, that is the rule, even if you try a million times and give up at the end all of your efforts will be useless. Lock yourself in, commit to what you are doing and even if you don't see results it doesn't mean there will be no results. The universe is watching you, it is not blind, it sees all your sufferings and efforts, the reward will be given at the right time, maybe it hasn't arrive yet but it will arrive at the right time, the time where you least expected it.

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