July 22, 2015


Did you ever push yourself to the limits, do all the process, pass all the training, eat all dusts yet your reward isn't showing around? If this is happening to you don't worry it only means the reward is getting bigger and bigger. If you ever work for something hard enough, if you put a lot of energies into it, for sure you will get something. Never lose hope because all the efforts that you put in has an equivalent return it just doesn't show up yet. Maybe the universe is just testing you if you really deserve what you want.

The longer the delay the bigger the reward. This is a formula that doesn't fail. This has been tested for ages. The reward will only show if you consistently put in the work every day. It is like a piggy bank, you work for your goal, you keep improving yourself everyday then the piggy bank goes full and it is time for you to smash it. Smash it with authority, smash it like you will release your anger and frustrations, smash it like all of your wait is over and it is time for you to release all the negative emotions that you endure.

Most people when they work hard for at least weeks or several months they want to get their reward immediately, folks it ain't about that. You have to work until you see the results that you want. If the results doesn't show up for a very long time, it may mean two things: one is you still have to continue working and work harder, two is you have to change your approach or change something to what you are doing. It doesn't mean that you have to change your goal, just change something or add something to your routine to change some momentum.

Things are not meant to be rushed, just be patient and your time will come.

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