July 31, 2015


You look like a haggard bitch because you work 24.5 hours a day, you look terrible, you look weak, you look sick and everybody feels like you're going to die tomorrow but on the other side you are still beautiful.

But what makes you beautiful? It is because you have more money, you are more experienced, your personality is growing, you are a more matured individual. You can provide your family what they need so for them you are so beautiful. Other than that your mindset is so focus, you are so engaged to what you are doing so nothing is impossible to you.

Have you ever seen an individual who is so focused on what he's doing? There is something in him that you don't know right? when you look at him it feels like he's into something and his energy is very different. Did you ever meet someone like that? Even if you don't know that he is pursuing something you will still feel that he is a different person. You will say that "this man is on a mission".

This is what passion does to anyone who possesses it, it will make him a different person. It will give him different looks but unique type of energy. People will feel that he is powerful or there is something in him that is very strong. Look at those artists who are very passionate and dedicated, they look weird but their presence has always been felt.

This is what massive action will do to you, it will give you uniqueness. Your energy will rise above them all and even if you don't speak you will not be ignored. There will be a mystery inside of you, you will become unpredictable and people will notice you even if you don't want to get noticed.

That is the beauty in its ugliness, you work hard and you get tired but there are lots of benefits that has been harvested. It is not only about getting the attention, it is also about getting enough experience. It is about experiencing life and becoming the person that you wanted to be.

If you look very ugly right now because you are suffering for taking all the necessary steps for the attainment of your goal, don't worry, your beauty will be revealed in the end. Your beauty will be revealed when you become successful. All the ugliness, all the hardships, all the mockery by cruel people will be erased.

You may look weird at some point but the personality that has been developed is priceless. You will emit a strong frequency to the universe and it will respond to any wish that you ask. Hardwork maybe ugly but it releases a lot of beauty in the end. Don't be fooled by the hardships that you are experiencing right now because it's not its real reality. There is a beauty in every ugly situation, there is a beauty waiting to be revealed.

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