July 15, 2015


Just do the thing that you need to do before your mind worries about things, before it think of another thing to do, before it engages on useless thoughts that will take away your focus. Just react faster that your mind so you will finish a certain task faster than you think.

Our minds are very occupied with different things, we don't even know where are our thoughts coming from. It just pops out coming from nowhere and then it controls us. It's like a bit of candy that will be swarmed by ants if we don't guard it.

To avoid being controlled by your mind and have it unguarded from useless and worrying thoughts react faster than it. If you have a task to do just do it right away without thinking, just do the first step and let the momentum carry on. The right thinking will happen while you are doing the task, your mind will produce thoughts that are congruent to the task once you do it immediately.

If you let your mind think or worry before doing the task then you will have a difficulty starting the task, your mind will fly away, it will produce negative thoughts that will stop you from moving. So just do the task even if you don't have a plan, just do the first step even if it is not really the first step. All the dots will connect later once you decide to move and finish what you are ought to do.

This skill is not difficult to master it is even fun to do and it has a lot of benefits. It will make you very productive, it will lessen your procrastination habits and you will be amazed at how light you feel and how stress free your life is. Reacting faster than your mind must only be used on the task that you must do and not on the things that will put your life into danger or misery. This technique once fully mastered will attract massive success and prosperity into your life.

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