July 05, 2015


Yeah, the title is right, this post was so ironic isn't it? How come you must love what you hate? Everybody loves what they love and they hate what they hate BUT......There are some things that you hate that you must love, you must learn to love it even though you really don't like it, even if it sucks so much, even if it is so uncomfortable.

What I am talking about are habits, sacrifices, responsibilities and commitment. Yeah you hate to wake up early or stand up right away when your alarm clock rings, it is fun to at least take 5 minutes more and fantasize in your bed but is that habit helpful? is it helping you to avoid being late at your work? Is it the first step to become productive?

Yeah you really hate to hit the gym, you really hate to run at least 45 min on a daily basis, you really hate to sweat and get tired, who loves that? but sometimes what you hate is what you must love in order to have a better life.

You hate to sacrifice your time for television, you hate to eat healthy foods, you hate to unfollow the crowd, you hate to become uncomfortable, you hate to quit smoking etc. etc. I cannot blame you because it is really fun to do what you love to do but sometimes doing what you hate is more beneficial than doing what you love.

The conclusion is do what you hate to do if you know that it will benefit you in the long run. It sucks studying and it is more fun to play video games but will video games give you the answers to your exam? Is it more comfortable to lie on the floor and watch american idol than to work your ass off and make baby steps to your goal, but what is the best thing to do? what will give you a more comfortable life in the end? You know the answer, you already know what is right or wrong, I will not stress this long enough, you know what to do so do it!!!

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