July 29, 2015


Most of you spend quality time looking at the thing that you wanted to grow and just looking at it forever without doing anything about it. It is like growing a plant. After you planted it in the soil you just can't look at it, you need to water it, take care of it, protect it from weeds, exposed it to enough sunlight etc.

Some people always look at their fat tummy after taking a bath. They wanted to have a nicer body but all they do is look at it everyday. Looking at it like they have the right to look at it and see if it improves. You don't have the right to look at your body and hope for a miraculous change if you didn't hit the gym or at least run outside of your house. Do you think that reducing the 5 cups of rice to 4 will improve your body? do you think that not drinking soda for today will make your ugly tummy slimmer? Of course no, you need to sweat buddy, go and wear your shoes, run outside and make the road on fire. If there is an excuse building in your head because it is raining just go and watch some zumba videos, plyometrics or whatever it is in you tube that will make your ass sweat. Go and do it.

Some people look at their savings account everyday. They are looking at their record book of money from a certain bank, (I don't know do you call it but just bear with me). They are looking if it has multiplied but the reality is they are not doing something to increase their savings. They didn't even deposit money but they are still looking at it. Maybe they were wishing that some stupid banker made a typographical error and add some money on their account. I don't know but it is really funny. You cannot expect your money to multiply if you will not double your work and earn some pretty cash. Instead of looking at your savings book why don't you look for something to work on that will give you money?

Another example is an aspiring athlete. He always look for videos in you tube about how to do this, how to do that but he is not doing it in real life. He is just imagining that he can do those moves. That is what he does everyday, watching videos. So when he is on the real game, even though he watched a lot of videos, he cannot do those moves. Why? You have to actualize it, you have to do it in real life. Learning is nothing if you will not actualize it. ACTION IS BETTER THAN EDUCATION.

If you will just look at what you want you cannot have it. It is like looking at your dream car in a mall everyday and not doing any action to get it. Dreaming is good but what makes it bad is you make it a dream forever. Don't just look at something and expect miracle to happen, you have to will it and make it happen. The more you look at something and doing nothing about it the more it will get difficult to get it. You are just wasting time if you will not act, the worse thing is days are passing and you are not going anywhere. What if those days that you've wasted for looking at what you want instead you take action? I am very sure the results will be different.

My advice my friend is don't look for it instead go for it. Stop wasting time, stop wishing that it is yours, take baby steps and move forward to your dreams. Baby steps that is done a thousand times is far better than a huge step that was only done a single time. Time is your biggest asset, you should not squander it because you can never take it back.

In fact the more you look at the things that you don't have and you are doing nothing to get it the more scarcity you feel, you feel that it is very hard to get it so the technique here is just look at it once a day then do everything you can to get it. You may not know how to get it but don't question yourself, stop questioning how to get it instead just do what you can do, do what you know and the rest will take care of itself.

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