July 19, 2015


I don't know why a lot of people are complaining that life is hard. Was life really hard? I don't think so. The reality is life was very easy that is why we take it for granted. Why do we find it so hard if we take it for granted? We don't even need to think if we wanted to breathe.

Life is easy, it is easy to procrastinate and stop doing the things that are important. It is easy to just watch TV the whole day and waste your time. It is easy not to brush your teeth and just go to bed whenever you feel to. It is easy to just play PS3 and fail your exams, what is difficult about life?

We make our life easy by choosing the easy life and by choosing the easy life our life becomes harder in the end.

It is very easy for us to fall into temptations, doing things that are not healthy and will give misery.

It is easy to bust your diet and eat 5 boxes of chocolates, that's just an appetizer what if you add 3 cans of soda and 8 slices of pizza? life is great isn't it? it is so easy and fun. It is very easy to destroy your life, what is so hard about it? Don't ever complain that life is so hard because you are enjoying all the pleasures that has no reward. You are eating like a maniac and procrastinating like a king so don't ever complain in the end.

We often complain about how hard life is, how hard it is to find a decent job but we don't notice ourselves that it is very easy for us to complain, make excuses and blame others for our misery. Life is very easy, it is just a matter of perspective how we look at any situation.

It is easy to lie, it is easy to stay uncommitted, it is easy to make sins, it is easy to to become lazy. Life is full of easiness. What a wonderful life yet we don't appreciate it. Life is easy but there is also a consequence for living a life that is full of easiness, your life at the end will be so difficult. You can't change the rule: IF YOU DIDN'T PAY THE PRICE YOU WON'T GET ANY PRIZE.

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