July 23, 2015


In life it is really hard to know when is the right timing. You don't know when is the right time to ask for a salary raise. You don't know when your boss is in a good mood, what if you ask and then he is so super busy and he is super stress, he might yell at you or just ignore you. It is hard right? it is hard to keep guessing.

You don't know when is the right time to start a business, in every news they said that recession is destroying the economy, newscasters says that next year will be a better year, they said that a lot of companies were closing now and economy is dead. The news is scaring you and you let them scare you. You don't know what to do, you are so afraid to invest your money. You won't take any risk because you don't know if it is the right time. So what you do is you hoard your money and you let it dry like a plant that hasn't been watered for decades.

Here is another scenario, you want to do a career move but your wife is telling you that it is too risky, she will tell you these words "What if we have nothing to eat for tomorrow because of your selfish ambitions?" and you will listen to her even if your heart is aching. Your chest is about to explode and you begin to doubt yourself, what if is your wife is right?

But what if you are the one who is right? There is no bad decision at all if you stand up for that decision and making a commitment that no matter what you will make it happen.

If you don't know what is the right timing, if you don't know when is the right time to start then start right away, make every second the right time. Make every second a sense of urgency, if you can't see results yet just keep going. The right time is the moment, there is no such thing as next week, next month or next year. What if things get even worse later? You will never see the right timing if you will not start now. If things get bad it only means that you are getting the feedback first, you are on the TEST STAGE first, what I mean by TEST STAGE is this is the time where your endurance is been tested, your belief is being tested if it will fade or not if it will weaken or not. The test stage is the time where you will doubt yourself, it is the time where you will see the real you.

Make every second the right time, make every second where you give all your best, you make all the necessary calls, you study all the necessary lessons for your business. You strengthen your core and you build your empire inch by inch. You will take every action that is needed even if the results are not guaranteed. You will take every chance and opportunity may it be big or small, THAT IS THE RIGHT TIMING!

If you fail but you continue believing and continue doing what you want to do then you already succeed. It is because you already pass the DOUBT STAGE, EVERYTHING TO LOSE STAGE, ALL OR NOTHING STAGE. You don't even know how to lose anymore, you will tell to yourself "ok I am already broke, I have nothing to lose anymore so I will just go harder and harder until I win". This is the mindset that you should have, TIMING doesn't matter to you anymore, fear has subside and you almost feel like there is no place to go rather than above. You hit the bottom so there is no more failure to experience.

You already know that there is no right timing because even if the right timing is real you will still fail at some point. Right timing is an illusion, how can you get feedbacks if everything is perfect. Those moments that you fail because of taking the risk, those are the moments that you should be proud because you take chances when everyone is afraid, you are the first one who will know what to do next. You will be the first one who will know that right timing is doing it now and not later.

And remember if you will look around, if you will listen to people very closely, all they do is talk and talk, they can't even make the first step, they will tell you something like this: "I am going to make a great business next year, I am going to pursue my dreams once I inherited the riches from my grandpa that can still run a 1000 km marathon" and guess what? they still keep talking, they are full of excuses.

Don't be like this people who were always waiting for the right timing, at some areas of life there is a right timing for example the right time to cross a road, the right time to eat lunch, the right time to sleep and the right time to make a vacation (if there is a typhoon just stay in your house, this is what I mean) Right timing is only applied on basic things and if your life is on the line. But if the growth, goals and success is what we are talking about, again MAKE EVERY SECOND THE RIGHT TIME.

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