July 03, 2015


It's not about how fast you move, how strong you are, what kind of technique you know or how smart you are. There is only one way how to make a single task faster and that is to LOCK IN.

Many of us are having trouble finishing a simple task mainly because we don't like doing it or there are many distractions that surrounds us. What makes a task difficult is not its difficulty but the way we make it more difficult. We think of it as difficult already even though we haven't started yet.

A lot of you when doing a simple task can't help but to look for your emails, you start texting your friends, when you got bored you watch tv so the task was leave in pending and the momentum starts to die. When you come back to your task you don't know when to start, you become irritated, your body becomes heavy and you feel like can't start doing it again.

When you have a task to do no matter how big or small it is just LOCK IN, create momentum and you'll soon see that it is not harder than you thought. Never take your eyes off to the task that you are doing. Have a laser like focus and you'll see you will finish faster. It is just a matter of discipline and appreciation of what you are doing. Appreciate that you can move, appreciate that you can finish a task because when you grow old you cannot do all the things that you used to be doing before.

Another mortal sin when doing a task is multi tasking, you feel like your time is so precious that you don't want any second to get away so you do all the things you can do at the same time. The result in the end is you ran out of energy and your mind becomes cluttered. You are so stressed and you don't know how to finish anymore. Just take your time, relax but don't slow, make it quick but don't rush. When you lock in, when you focus one task at a time your life will become easier, lighter and happier. The momentum is so alive and you immediately established a rhythm to do more task in the long run.

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