July 29, 2015


I think this topic hasn't been tackled yet because a lot of motivators out there are mad at laziness.

To all the motivated people and hardworkers out there be happy if a lot of people are lazy because we can easily destroy the competition. I know you are allergic at laziness but it also benefits us. Yeah, because a lot of people are busy gossiping, focusing on facebook what is the latest cellphone, who's the latest pregnant celebrity etc etc. then they cannot focus on being their best. Don't get mad at them because they will make our lives easier. We will not face a lot of people who were also competitive and has insane drive like us.

If people who were in the same field as we are were so lazy then we can easily dominate the business. They will not work hard and take everything for granted so its an easy win for us. It is easy to dethrone them, bully them and make them eat dust because they didn't work their asses of .

You can see if a guy works so hard and is focus on what he is doing. It reflects on his body language, the way he talks and the way he moves. He is very sure of what he is doing, he doesn't rattle and he has a killer instinct. These kinds of guys are very difficult to handle and makes our lives difficult. It is very opposite of lazy guys who are easy to beat up.

That is why all of motivated people out there, don't get mad with lazy people, they make the world easier. They are not making the world better but they make the world easier.

It is also easy to make business because of them. You see just make a product of a daily 2 minute program that promises perfect body and they will buy it. They are so funny haha. Just build a networking business that promises fortune in just one month and they will immediately fall into this trap. But I am not encouraging people to do these types of businesses, it is just a metaphor and a way to mock lazy people.

In reality, lazy people are just sacrificial lambs. They are just part of a competition but they have no chances of winning. They will only win if they get super super lucky because luck is the partner of laziness.

These lazy people are also easy to persuade. And because they don't know anything and they don't study what is supposed to be studied, whatever you tell them to do, they will do it for the sake of money or instant gratification. And that will make your life even easier. I remember in college, I was once also like these lazy bomb ass students that all do is make dramas and complaint about how difficult the subject is. When there is a group project, the smarter members has control over me because I needed to be part of the group. They tell me to buy this buy that, do this do that and all I do is follow because I can't stand on my own.

I'm glad that my mind has opened and I realized that if I will be lazy I will become stinky. No one will love you, no one wants to be with you and you will easily get owned by stronger, smarter and competitive people. Strong people sometimes loves lazy people because they will have a follower, they will have someone that they will treat as a clown. They have someone to make fun with. They have someone who will wipe their asses. In conclusion their lives are pretty easy.

So if you are reading this now, what is your place? are you motivated or are you depleted?

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