July 24, 2015


Willpower has been widely used by motivators and self help coach. For me this is the most needed skill for you to become successful. Willpower is like discipline, consistency, perseverance, motivation and determination combined. Its like you decide what is your goal and you let your willpower carry you towards your goal.

Some people are saying that they have a strong will power and they always say "if there is a will there is a way" but when difficult times arises and they needed their so called will power, they cannot find it. What seems to be the problem here? It's not that they don't want it bad enough, it's not that they are quitters but they did not train their will power enough.

Willpower is not just saying "I am strong, I believe in myself ...blah blah blah.." Willpower is something you need to develop everyday. It needs time to have a strong willpower. It is not something common to everyone. For me it is a skill not a talent nor a trait that we inherit from our elders. Willpower takes time to master but when you mastered it you will become what you want in life, you can have everything that you are dreaming of.

The secret of elevating a willpower is practicing it everyday. If you are lazy and unfocused person, find at least one small task, a very easy task. May it be washing three dishes and 2 spoons, washing your underwear, making a one page report, illustrating a stick man etc. Once you find that task that you want to do, do it without stopping, focus your attention on every single movement that you create and find ways how to enjoy it. Find the good feeling while doing it.

Start with easier task first then when you find that you can do small tasks without any difficulty and without stopping find a more hard one and do the process again. It is pretty hard to jump right away to a hard task and then practice your willpower in it. You might get overwhelmed and you will have a hard time focusing. Be patient, progress gradually and you will reach the level that you want if you take it one step at a time.

Another technique for strengthening your will power is what I called "Shifting thoughts", this is a more difficult one but the more you master it the greater change in your life will be. You should guard your thoughts if you want to master it. You should not let your thoughts control you. We as human beings have a lot of thoughts that just pops out from our brain. Usually these are thoughts from the past about our different experiences in life. It can be thoughts about humiliation, tragedy, traumatic experiences, first kiss, first heartbreak, victory, birthdays etc etc. It can also be thoughts about future - worrying too much, being scared of what might happen, thoughts about failure and any other negative thinking.

What I mean by shifting thoughts is guarding your negative thoughts and immediately replacing it with the proper one. We cannot just stop thoughts that are negative and block it from appearing every now and then. My one good sample is every time I find myself not focusing on the task or everytime I think stupid things, I say to myself "sshhh shutup" and then I immediately focus on the task again. I am not literally saying those words, people might think of me as crazy if I literally speak it, I am saying it in my brain. Once I say "sshhh shut up" I immediately focus on the task again. That self talk serves as a starting point or reminder to shift my focus and replace the thought that I am thinking.

Willpower is a very powerfull skill, it makes you more effective, faster and get the things once you thought  impossible to get. Once you mastered willpower you will never quit again. You will have a strong drive and your time will fly so fast because you are so focused on what you are doing.

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