July 24, 2015


I know you are wondering why the title of this post is "EASY IS VERY DANGEROUS". You have the right to wonder, what is dangerous about being easy? Most of us thinks that the things that are dangerous are the things that are risky and hard to get but the reality is vice versa. I will explain to you why easy is very dangerous and you should be aware of it.

Here is one example - EASY MONEY, a lot of you falls into the trap of easy money, you want instant success, you want to get rich without exerting a lot of effort so you join stupid MLMs and networking who promises you a good fortune in just one week. The worse is you even invest all of your piggy bank savings into an investment fund who promises you a 50 percent of profit while sleeping for just 1 month. Things go well at first we know that, this scum bags will let you taste a bit of success but when their company trips...TADAH!!! your money is gone, they will explain a lot of stupid B***Shi** that you will believe. Sooner or later you cannot see or contact them anymore.

Another example, you want to have a hot body so you swallow a lot of diet pills that guarantees you to lose 35 lbs in 2 weeks, they promised you that it safe and it is approved by medical professionals. You were amazed so you tried it. The magic pills are very effective you are losing lbs each day but... you're weak as hell, you lose appetite, it feels like you have a disease or some sort of a health problem. The worse thing is once you stopped the magic pill intake...BOOM your body balloons again. Funny isn't it?

Liposuction, ok you got desperate so you try another method, a safer one and a faster one. Things go well of course, the doctors know what they are doing, they remove all the fats that are living inside of your body. You get rid of your belly, you are so happy and because you need to celebrate you eat a lot of junk foods, mayonnaise, fatty foods, high cholesterol meat, yummy!!! You told yourself that it is just one time, tomorrow you will eat healthy. Another 2 months has passed, you are calling your doctor again, next schedule for liposuction please. You are like a pig who needs to get butchered every two months. Another example is silicon inplant, you want a nice booty and booby, you got curves. Wow! you are like a sexy star but when complications come... BOOM!!! the booty exploded, don't worry because a pack of thousands can fix your sexy body.

You want to graduate without working hard, without opening your books so everytime there is an exam you just copy to your seatmate. Easy life, you didn't do anything and you are passing. But the twist is in the end, after graduating and you look for a job you don't have any confidence to answer the employer's questions, you don't even know what to answer to their basic questions. It is because your brain is empty. The result is you will land a position that is low and not connected to your course.

There are lot of easy things out there, easy ideas such as robbing a bank, looking for a sugar daddy, becoming a prostitute etc.. Those are easy money and will also give you instant success but in the long run it is very dangerous, your life will be in jeopardy and it is very hard to sustain that lifestyle. You think it is easy but it is really hard, other than that it is also dangerous.

Now you know that there is no benefit in easy things, its like taking a steroids. Your muscle will grow and then it will explode later. Your weakness will be exposed. After all, after getting instant success, that success will easily go away because you didn't work hard to get it, if you didn't work hard to get something it will go for nothing. Look at those lottery winners who go broke after 1 year. They didn't put work into that money so they don't mind losing it all. They spend and spend because they don't know how to work hard, all they know is spending.

Easy is very dangerous, really really dangerous, you don't get any benefit from it other than being successful for a very short period of time.

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