July 04, 2015


One of the common mistake that people do is they rush the ending. They want to finish the goal or task right away, they want to reach the finish line but they forgot to give importance to the tiniest details in order to reach the finish line. How many times this line has been told yet you don't want to believe it "life is a journey not a destination" this line has been told over and over again yet people are still addicted to finish fast.

People want to lose fat fast so they believe in a lot of shortcuts, they believe some gels that when they apply to their stomach will give them an 8 pack abs. They believe some kind of exercise machine that when they do 5 mins a day will give them the body that they are dreaming of for a very long time. They believe some kind of a magic pill that when they swallow 12 times a day will make them slim and they also believe that it has no side effects. Some people who practice liposuction also ends in tragedy because everytime they get fat they request their doctors to operate them again and again, what a miserable life!!! Their like a pig who gets fat then cut then eat again then cut again.

People want the easy way and they freak out when they learn that the process will take very long. Another sample is a driver who wants to go home so fast because he is so hungry, what he does is he overtake a lot of vehicles, he violated a lot of rules so the result is accident, he rush a lot so the ending is not beautiful. The worse thing is there are some innocent civilians who were affected for his nonsense behaviors.

When you rush the ending in any task or any goal that you are pursuing the result will not be perfect. Have you heard any vehicle that causes a lot of accident because it is manufactured poorly? There are some planes that causes tragedy because the mechanic of it didn't fix it very well. There are also some fireworks who killed thousands of people because it exploded unexpectedly, this is not bad luck, it is a mistake that people commit because they did not do their work very well, they want to rush the ending and manufacture a lot of fireworks so they just pack and pack and pack without conscience.

Lets talk about other things, In sports some athletes also are rushing the ending. For example in basketball, the home team is down by 1 pt with 5 seconds left, the ball was given to the open man, because he is so scared that time will caught him he rushes the shot and the result...airball, his team lose. You should be relax in the ending, you should calm down, there is no point of rushing because it takes away the real you, you can't think clearly and you will come up with poor decisions.

In anything that we do we should not rush the ending, we should even give it more attention and time because all of the things that we do from the beginning will be wasted if we did not finish very well. Our pacing, our timing, our mindset when the end is near should not be different from the time that we start.

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