July 23, 2015


You are a 5"3 guy and you wanted to dunk, is this possible? only you can know that, if you think it is possible then go ahead and try to make it happen. I've seen 5"5 guys in you tube and they can dunk, you are almost the same height as them, you are just 2 inches shorter, is that too much? No of course. It is just a matter of believing in yourself, strengthening your legs, practicing everyday and lets see how far can you go. You don't need to search for someone that did it so you will believe that it can be done, go and find it yourself.

You wanted to invent something, something that hasn't been seen yet, something that will help the world but you are afraid that people might laugh at you, you've been asking for experts that is it possible to realized your idea. Common!! you don't need to do that, you don't need approval from others, if you want to do it just do it, you don't need to gather some facts to make yourself more confident. You don't need to know certain things to support your idea, if you know you can do it then just let go.

So you wanted to be a great artist but your music is different, you wanted to make it to the big stage but still you are doubting yourself because your music has never been heard before. What you do is you search the internet if there is a person similar to your music style before you release it. You are very afraid to be labelled as a crazy artist so you look for another example.

You don't need look for an example just to be another example, be the first example, be the first one who do it. The world wants fresh and new stories so make another story that will shake the world.

If you what you are doing is very hard and you want to see someone who does it first so you can get confidence that you can do it too then there is nothing special about it anymore. What makes a thing special is it has no double, it is very rare and it hasn't been exposed to the world yet.

If you have an idea and you know that nobody does it yet then you better go for it because it will surely succeed, the world is amazed by crazy ideas, the world is easily impressed by something they've never seen or heard before. They give attention to things that are very hard to find that is why paintings made by eccentric artists are so expensive. I don't know what is expensive about it, the artists just express themselves truly and sincerely, everyone can do that, everyone can create unique arts, some are just afraid that their creation might not be accepted or it will look very common.

My advice again is if you have an idea never look for examples that it can be done or has been done before to get confidence. Once you have an idea, forget about the rules, forget about the critics, take small steps at a time and make it happen.

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