July 22, 2015


Some people dedicated their lives to some politicians and cleaning all the shits of their boss and when they grow old they will be thrown like a stinky garbage. Some people will work for a company that mistreated them and they will spend the rest of their precious time working for that shitty company for the rest of their lives. The worse thing is they hate the company yet they don't want to leave it. Meanwhile there are some hypocrite fans out there who were dying to see their idols, they will protect their idols, kill for their idols, fight in facebook for their idols and even spend big time for their idols.

What is wrong with these people? do they know that they have only one life? If they know it then why are they willing to die for someone and not for their own lives?

Die for your life, what I mean by this? what I mean is dedicate your time to yourself, improve yourself, die for your dreams, set your own goals and don't be just an accessory of someone's success. It is ok to help people to succeed but don't help them to the point where you have nothing left for yourself anymore.

You must live and follow your heart not someone's heart. Some people are just using you for their own benefit. They promised you some good things, they will treat you right but at the end of the day they will never care for you  once you can no longer help them.

It's idiotic to die for someone who is not also willing to die for you. A lot of you folks are very loyal to your idols, when they visit your country you will even go to the airport and make posters that they will not even look at. You will scream like a maniac and ask for an autograph but sometimes they will even mistreat you or sometimes their bodyguards will beat you to death if you irritate them so much. After all your sufferings this is how they will repay you?

My friends, stop dedicating your life to stupid things or people that will not even make your life better. It is ok to admire someone, it is ok to watch their shows, follow what they are doing but don't reach to the point where you are so emotionally connected to them and your life will be so much affected if they didn't give you attention.

You will cry if you can't go to their concert show because your mom didn't give you money. Now you are angry to your mom who is more concern to you. What kind of an attitude is that? You will fight to the death if someone bashes your idol in social media, you will even collect data from different resources to prove that your idol is clean, what the heck will that give to you?

To those who are dogs of politicians or some false messiah, don't you know that when your bosses sucks and their corruption was exposed you will go to jail too? the worse thing is sometimes they will use you and blame that you are the mastermind. Common people... wake up, don't ever give your life to somebody who is not worth it. If you want to idol someone idolized yourself, don't waste your energy and time for others. Be your own boss, be your own idol.

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