July 20, 2015


This article is dedicated to those who are sick and tired of being controlled by undeserving people and it goes a little something like this:

You've been bullied by your boss for so many years, he promised to give you a promotion and increase once you finished that project. After you finished that project he give you another one and told you that he already file a proposal for your promotion to the management but after many months and years your time didn't come. You are still waiting and waiting, each time you see your boss pass around he will just give you a smirk and a pile of paper work that should be done in just one night. You know what to do and you should do it now, cut the strings stop playing a puppet for your boss. Either he promotes you or you quit your shitty job. Put the cards on the table let him choose.

You've been push around by your friends and they labeled you as a follower, they treated you like a garbage and not a human being yet why are you still following them? there are right people there waiting for you and will treat you like the way you want. Right now erase their contact number in your CP, unfriend them, block them and live the way you want. So what if they wonder, so what if they call you ugly names at your back, if you will shift your focus to different things then you will not regret living them, make a stand, reclaim your humanity.

Your partner is abusing you, he only calls when he wants something to happen, the worse part is after he get what he wants you will be treated like an unattractive statue that no one wants to see. Everyone is special and you deserve to be treated special, have the courage to break up with him and search for someone who will not mess with your life.

Your Coach... your coach who knows what is better for you, who knows what are your limitations and gives you a role that even a nursery can do. If you did not follow him he will bench you. It's time to step up, if you are working really hard and you are not getting the role or playing time that you deserve, ask for a trade. Just do it, you are here to play and not to watch. Make sure you work so hard so that your skill set won't be ignored. All the coach do is talk and talk and talk, he can't even run so what is the point of following someone who is not better than you.

Lastly..yourself, you are being controlled by yourself. You have habits and mindset that are not healthy for your life. You've been afraid so many times where there is nothing to be afraid of. You are afraid of things, people, circumstances that in reality has no control over you. You have bad habits that you can't get rid of because it has been embedded to your DNA for many many years. You know what you are doing is not right but you still keep on doing it. This is the perfect time for you to have total control over yourself. Be in the moment, the moment you feel scared, the moment you noticed that you are not doing the right thing, stop doing it, stop feeling it...JUST DON'T and enough of the bullshit thoughts inside of your head.

It is time to follow yourself, follow your intuition, stop being played by someone who is not better than you, stop being played by bullshits who can do is just talk and talk, use and abuse. Stop being controlled by your dirty habits and thoughts that will lead you to nowhere. You have the right to reclaim what you deserve, it is time to become the person you wanted to be, treated the way you wanted to be treated. It's never too late, reclaim your life!

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