July 27, 2015


Why do you leave your school? are you pursuing a dream? did you hear the story of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and any other millionaires who leave their school to pursue their dream? Or are you just lazy and want to have fun everyday?

Why do you leave your job? do you really think that you can find a better job or are you just so sick and tired of doing the things that you don't want?

If you want to become a rebel, if you really want to change how the way you live and and stop conforming to the rules of others then you better make a stand that will not bend when times goes rough. A lot of people out there saying they want to make a change, they want to try something new, they want to live their dreams but when adversity strikes them they go back to their old life.

Don't become a rebel for the sake of just excusing yourself from responsibilities. Make sure if your pursue something you really pursue it, you really believe that it will happen, you live it everyday or else your time will just be wasted.

Those people who challenge the convention, those people who succeeded big time in life, the moment they decide to travel their own path, they never look back. No matter what challenges show on their way they figure out how to defeat it. They ignore every hater, they endure every mental punishment and they use every ounce of breath remaining in their lungs to move closer to their goal.

Burn all the bridges, destroy all the comfort that is making you weak. Make it to the point where you either make it or you die. Your focus is to win and not to look cool, some people do something different for the sake of looking cool and when times go hard they just stop doing what they're doing.

Becoming a rebel is really hard especially if the results were not showing, if people were criticizing and saying "what the hell are you doing?". But that's just the part of it, some people don't want to see someone succeeding and doing extraordinary things because they can't do it by themselves. These people are weak and you are not one of them, stay focus and don't let their stupid suggestions ruin your mind. Be strong and accept suggestions or feedback that is helping you and not that weakens you.

If you have the mindset of just pursuing your dream no matter what, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how long it takes then you will succeed in life. Program your mind and tell it that the more difficult the challenge gets the stronger your belief will be. Have an unshakable confidence and conquer all the trials that will show on your way.

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