July 21, 2015


The thing is this, a lot of people are afraid of being told mediocre or average or not too good that is why they don't want to move anymore, they don't want to pursue their passion anymore. They are afraid of critics and being embarrassed infront of other people. Let me tell you something and this is real, read attentively...If you are doing something at your best, if you put time into it, if you don't rush it, if you put your heart into it and if you feel good while doing it then it is not a mediocre. Sometimes the term mediocre is just a judgement from people who think they are the best at doing something. They don't want someone outclassing them. They want to be the best forever so they criticize others' works.

The real definition of a mediocre work is a work that looks like a work that has no effort or done in  a very short period of time, like 15 mins or less. If you know in yourself that you give your best, you work hard, you take your time and you put a lot of heart into your work then there is nothing else to prove. You don't need to seek for approval, you don't need to know the bullshit opinions of others.

It doesn't matter how the result looks, what really matters is the energy that was given to the work. After all, anyone can feel if a certain work was done in just 5 minutes or if it was given a lot of attention and a huge amount of creativity was used to finish it.

You know it in yourself if you did not put a lot of effort into your work so if people tell that it sucks don't get hurt. You only have the right to defend your work if you really give your best on it and someone tell you that it is sloppy.

Don't be afraid to show your work if you give your best to finish it, it may have flaws, it may not be perfect but still a lot of people will appreciate it and find the beauty behind it. The reality is not everyone will like your work even if you are the best, there will always be haters around and criticize you so don't put pressure on yourself and strive for perfection. Just do your best, push yourself to produce results that you've never done before. BE PASSIONATE AND PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE GREAT!!

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