July 31, 2015


You look like a haggard bitch because you work 24.5 hours a day, you look terrible, you look weak, you look sick and everybody feels like you're going to die tomorrow but on the other side you are still beautiful.

But what makes you beautiful? It is because you have more money, you are more experienced, your personality is growing, you are a more matured individual. You can provide your family what they need so for them you are so beautiful. Other than that your mindset is so focus, you are so engaged to what you are doing so nothing is impossible to you.

Have you ever seen an individual who is so focused on what he's doing? There is something in him that you don't know right? when you look at him it feels like he's into something and his energy is very different. Did you ever meet someone like that? Even if you don't know that he is pursuing something you will still feel that he is a different person. You will say that "this man is on a mission".

This is what passion does to anyone who possesses it, it will make him a different person. It will give him different looks but unique type of energy. People will feel that he is powerful or there is something in him that is very strong. Look at those artists who are very passionate and dedicated, they look weird but their presence has always been felt.

This is what massive action will do to you, it will give you uniqueness. Your energy will rise above them all and even if you don't speak you will not be ignored. There will be a mystery inside of you, you will become unpredictable and people will notice you even if you don't want to get noticed.

That is the beauty in its ugliness, you work hard and you get tired but there are lots of benefits that has been harvested. It is not only about getting the attention, it is also about getting enough experience. It is about experiencing life and becoming the person that you wanted to be.

If you look very ugly right now because you are suffering for taking all the necessary steps for the attainment of your goal, don't worry, your beauty will be revealed in the end. Your beauty will be revealed when you become successful. All the ugliness, all the hardships, all the mockery by cruel people will be erased.

You may look weird at some point but the personality that has been developed is priceless. You will emit a strong frequency to the universe and it will respond to any wish that you ask. Hardwork maybe ugly but it releases a lot of beauty in the end. Don't be fooled by the hardships that you are experiencing right now because it's not its real reality. There is a beauty in every ugly situation, there is a beauty waiting to be revealed.

July 29, 2015


I think this topic hasn't been tackled yet because a lot of motivators out there are mad at laziness.

To all the motivated people and hardworkers out there be happy if a lot of people are lazy because we can easily destroy the competition. I know you are allergic at laziness but it also benefits us. Yeah, because a lot of people are busy gossiping, focusing on facebook what is the latest cellphone, who's the latest pregnant celebrity etc etc. then they cannot focus on being their best. Don't get mad at them because they will make our lives easier. We will not face a lot of people who were also competitive and has insane drive like us.

If people who were in the same field as we are were so lazy then we can easily dominate the business. They will not work hard and take everything for granted so its an easy win for us. It is easy to dethrone them, bully them and make them eat dust because they didn't work their asses of .

You can see if a guy works so hard and is focus on what he is doing. It reflects on his body language, the way he talks and the way he moves. He is very sure of what he is doing, he doesn't rattle and he has a killer instinct. These kinds of guys are very difficult to handle and makes our lives difficult. It is very opposite of lazy guys who are easy to beat up.

That is why all of motivated people out there, don't get mad with lazy people, they make the world easier. They are not making the world better but they make the world easier.

It is also easy to make business because of them. You see just make a product of a daily 2 minute program that promises perfect body and they will buy it. They are so funny haha. Just build a networking business that promises fortune in just one month and they will immediately fall into this trap. But I am not encouraging people to do these types of businesses, it is just a metaphor and a way to mock lazy people.

In reality, lazy people are just sacrificial lambs. They are just part of a competition but they have no chances of winning. They will only win if they get super super lucky because luck is the partner of laziness.

These lazy people are also easy to persuade. And because they don't know anything and they don't study what is supposed to be studied, whatever you tell them to do, they will do it for the sake of money or instant gratification. And that will make your life even easier. I remember in college, I was once also like these lazy bomb ass students that all do is make dramas and complaint about how difficult the subject is. When there is a group project, the smarter members has control over me because I needed to be part of the group. They tell me to buy this buy that, do this do that and all I do is follow because I can't stand on my own.

I'm glad that my mind has opened and I realized that if I will be lazy I will become stinky. No one will love you, no one wants to be with you and you will easily get owned by stronger, smarter and competitive people. Strong people sometimes loves lazy people because they will have a follower, they will have someone that they will treat as a clown. They have someone to make fun with. They have someone who will wipe their asses. In conclusion their lives are pretty easy.

So if you are reading this now, what is your place? are you motivated or are you depleted?

July 29, 2015


Most of you spend quality time looking at the thing that you wanted to grow and just looking at it forever without doing anything about it. It is like growing a plant. After you planted it in the soil you just can't look at it, you need to water it, take care of it, protect it from weeds, exposed it to enough sunlight etc.

Some people always look at their fat tummy after taking a bath. They wanted to have a nicer body but all they do is look at it everyday. Looking at it like they have the right to look at it and see if it improves. You don't have the right to look at your body and hope for a miraculous change if you didn't hit the gym or at least run outside of your house. Do you think that reducing the 5 cups of rice to 4 will improve your body? do you think that not drinking soda for today will make your ugly tummy slimmer? Of course no, you need to sweat buddy, go and wear your shoes, run outside and make the road on fire. If there is an excuse building in your head because it is raining just go and watch some zumba videos, plyometrics or whatever it is in you tube that will make your ass sweat. Go and do it.

Some people look at their savings account everyday. They are looking at their record book of money from a certain bank, (I don't know do you call it but just bear with me). They are looking if it has multiplied but the reality is they are not doing something to increase their savings. They didn't even deposit money but they are still looking at it. Maybe they were wishing that some stupid banker made a typographical error and add some money on their account. I don't know but it is really funny. You cannot expect your money to multiply if you will not double your work and earn some pretty cash. Instead of looking at your savings book why don't you look for something to work on that will give you money?

Another example is an aspiring athlete. He always look for videos in you tube about how to do this, how to do that but he is not doing it in real life. He is just imagining that he can do those moves. That is what he does everyday, watching videos. So when he is on the real game, even though he watched a lot of videos, he cannot do those moves. Why? You have to actualize it, you have to do it in real life. Learning is nothing if you will not actualize it. ACTION IS BETTER THAN EDUCATION.

If you will just look at what you want you cannot have it. It is like looking at your dream car in a mall everyday and not doing any action to get it. Dreaming is good but what makes it bad is you make it a dream forever. Don't just look at something and expect miracle to happen, you have to will it and make it happen. The more you look at something and doing nothing about it the more it will get difficult to get it. You are just wasting time if you will not act, the worse thing is days are passing and you are not going anywhere. What if those days that you've wasted for looking at what you want instead you take action? I am very sure the results will be different.

My advice my friend is don't look for it instead go for it. Stop wasting time, stop wishing that it is yours, take baby steps and move forward to your dreams. Baby steps that is done a thousand times is far better than a huge step that was only done a single time. Time is your biggest asset, you should not squander it because you can never take it back.

In fact the more you look at the things that you don't have and you are doing nothing to get it the more scarcity you feel, you feel that it is very hard to get it so the technique here is just look at it once a day then do everything you can to get it. You may not know how to get it but don't question yourself, stop questioning how to get it instead just do what you can do, do what you know and the rest will take care of itself.

July 28, 2015


It is ok if you have weakness, there is nothing to be ashamed about that, everyone has his own weakness but it is up to you if you will allow people to expose it.

July 28, 2015


Ok, a lot of people were asking what is the best way to exercise and the easiest way to get fit. I say What? easiest way? there is no easy way. I am not scaring you but there is no easy way. Those programs that you see on tv about getting slim for just 5 mins a day is a complete chicken poop. It will just shred your savings and promise you unachievable results.

The best way to exercise is to run, it can be a slow run or a fast run, whatever it is that makes you sweat that is fine. Why running? first it is easy you don't need to think about it, running has a lot of benefits, it gives you endurance, stamina, mental strength and of course it is good for the heart. Running needs no money involved, you can even run with just slippers if you have no rubber shoes just make sure your slippers is not so old coz you might trip later or it might break on the road. Running gives a very nice feeling especially if you pushed yourself a little bit. It will give you a lot of energy boost to do more tasks and you will see incredible changes to your body and mind once you incorporate it to your routine.

I've been a big fitness fan and before running is not yet a part of my everyday routine and I am glad that it is part now. I've been running everyday for 2 straight months and it gives a lot of benefits to my life. It gives me more focus to finish a task, it is because of the meditative state of mind that was developed during running. It also gives me confidence, my body is slowly getting ripped and as a 31 year old guy I am so happy because my tummy is very much smaller than other guys in my age.

A lot of people were asking me where do I run and what is the secret to being consistent. They don't know that I am only running inside of my home, I am using a manual treadmill that will make you force your legs to move because you are the one who is in control of it. I think it is much better than the automatic treadmill because you will be force to use more energy and it is more difficult. The more the difficult the exercise, the larger its benefits.

I am not saying that treadmill is far better than jogging or running it is still up to you but it has a big advantage than running/jogging. What is the big advantage? In treadmill you cannot make excuses One of the biggest excuse that outdoor exercises give is the weather. If it is raining some runners will not run, if it is too hot runners will stop. In treadmill, because it is placed inside of your home, you cannot make excuses. You still need to run no matter what.

Another excuse that outdoor exercise give is the schedule. Some people are saying their schedule is not congruent to jogging/running. They always say that they cannot jog or run anymore because they arrived at home at 10 pm or even later, it is not safe to run at that time. Well in treadmill you cannot make excuses. It is only in your room so go and abuse it you don't need to go outside. Rape that treadmill and let your sweat run through its parts. You can even watch tv for 3 hours straight after your work so what is your excuse not using the equipment.

Another alternative if you don't have a treadmill is jumping rope, it is also very affordable and convenient. You can even make a homemade jumping rope if you don't have 3 dollars to buy it. You even buy a $150 dollar program of shredding abs that you don't even use so what is $3 to you?

This is just my opinion, I do an exercise that will not give an excuse not to do so I prefer treadmill and jumping rope but at the end of the day it is still up to you. You don't need to choose what exercise to do for as long as you have the will to have a nice body and healthy life you will find a way.

July 27, 2015


Why do you leave your school? are you pursuing a dream? did you hear the story of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and any other millionaires who leave their school to pursue their dream? Or are you just lazy and want to have fun everyday?

Why do you leave your job? do you really think that you can find a better job or are you just so sick and tired of doing the things that you don't want?

If you want to become a rebel, if you really want to change how the way you live and and stop conforming to the rules of others then you better make a stand that will not bend when times goes rough. A lot of people out there saying they want to make a change, they want to try something new, they want to live their dreams but when adversity strikes them they go back to their old life.

Don't become a rebel for the sake of just excusing yourself from responsibilities. Make sure if your pursue something you really pursue it, you really believe that it will happen, you live it everyday or else your time will just be wasted.

Those people who challenge the convention, those people who succeeded big time in life, the moment they decide to travel their own path, they never look back. No matter what challenges show on their way they figure out how to defeat it. They ignore every hater, they endure every mental punishment and they use every ounce of breath remaining in their lungs to move closer to their goal.

Burn all the bridges, destroy all the comfort that is making you weak. Make it to the point where you either make it or you die. Your focus is to win and not to look cool, some people do something different for the sake of looking cool and when times go hard they just stop doing what they're doing.

Becoming a rebel is really hard especially if the results were not showing, if people were criticizing and saying "what the hell are you doing?". But that's just the part of it, some people don't want to see someone succeeding and doing extraordinary things because they can't do it by themselves. These people are weak and you are not one of them, stay focus and don't let their stupid suggestions ruin your mind. Be strong and accept suggestions or feedback that is helping you and not that weakens you.

If you have the mindset of just pursuing your dream no matter what, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how long it takes then you will succeed in life. Program your mind and tell it that the more difficult the challenge gets the stronger your belief will be. Have an unshakable confidence and conquer all the trials that will show on your way.

July 26, 2015


You care so much about your identity that is why you don't want to try things that are dangerous. You will never grow if you always want to remain clean.

July 25, 2015


Don't worry if life is very tough because if you are in the right mindset and when you see the toughness of life as a challenge, it will make you even stronger.

July 25, 2015


What is a beautiful mistake? Is there any beauty in committing a mistake? Certainly there is, a mistake that was taken whole heartedly. What do I mean by this? If you make a mistake make sure all your power, all your confidence was used even though you commit that mistake. Did you see big time performers, athletes. celebrities that commits a mistake? It's still beautiful right? It is because even though they make a mistake, they did it with confidence. After all they didn't bother making a mistake at all, that is how confident people feel, making mistake to them is not a big thing.

Some people doesn't even notice when they make a mistake. It is because they still act very natural and pretend that something wrong didn't happen. Sometimes they even blame others even though it is really their fault which is not a good thing. Some confident people just laugh at it and admit it, they even exaggerate it so it will be even more funnier.

If you made a mistake don't panic, act as if nothing wrong happened, act as if it is ok with you and you don't care about it. If you don't attach any negative emotions to your mistake or you don't feel bad about it then it will easily be forgotten. If you made mistake so bad just make it a comedy, exaggerate it or just ignore it, stop focusing on embarrassment or what are people thinking. Just get back to what you are doing and laugh it inside of your brain.

When you are so much sure of what you are doing and your confidence is so high even if you made a mistake people will still trust you, your confidence and your greatness will cover the mistake that you did. Some people will even think if it is a mistake or is it a part of what you are doing. You can cover up any mistake that you did if you didn't rattle, if you stay on your core confidence and continue performing at your best.

Look at those NBA star players who committed a bad pass, an airball and stupid turnovers, They can't be blamed by their teammates or coaches because they are very sure of what they are doing. They move with grace, they move with confidence so their weakness can't be exposed. Sometimes they even blame others even if they are the one who is responsible for such an ugly mistake.

The technique here is don't panic, move naturally, be yourself and just focus on the next thing. Stop focusing on your mistake or else it will multiply as the law of attraction permits so. Breath deeply if you need to and don't let people feel that you are discouraged or you are embarrassed. Put your heads up and let them know that it is not a big deal.

Permit yourself to create a lot of mistakes in life, have a mindset that it's not the end of your life or world if you commit one. Have an unshakable belief so people will bend to you and not you bending to them. If you create a lot of mistakes you will get use to it and everytime you commit one you will not be anxious, you will not lose focus. People even love individuals who inspite committing a big mistake can still rise on the big stage. People who are not afraid of committing a mistake are more creative and successful because they just do it, they are so loose so they push themselves to the limits. They knew that it is normal and they can be themselves whenever they wanted to be.

Mistakes are nothing may it be big or small, it is just a reminder that we are only humans.

July 24, 2015


Many of you are just good at talking, you should back it up when the actions are needed the most.

July 24, 2015


I know you are wondering why the title of this post is "EASY IS VERY DANGEROUS". You have the right to wonder, what is dangerous about being easy? Most of us thinks that the things that are dangerous are the things that are risky and hard to get but the reality is vice versa. I will explain to you why easy is very dangerous and you should be aware of it.

Here is one example - EASY MONEY, a lot of you falls into the trap of easy money, you want instant success, you want to get rich without exerting a lot of effort so you join stupid MLMs and networking who promises you a good fortune in just one week. The worse is you even invest all of your piggy bank savings into an investment fund who promises you a 50 percent of profit while sleeping for just 1 month. Things go well at first we know that, this scum bags will let you taste a bit of success but when their company trips...TADAH!!! your money is gone, they will explain a lot of stupid B***Shi** that you will believe. Sooner or later you cannot see or contact them anymore.

Another example, you want to have a hot body so you swallow a lot of diet pills that guarantees you to lose 35 lbs in 2 weeks, they promised you that it safe and it is approved by medical professionals. You were amazed so you tried it. The magic pills are very effective you are losing lbs each day but... you're weak as hell, you lose appetite, it feels like you have a disease or some sort of a health problem. The worse thing is once you stopped the magic pill intake...BOOM your body balloons again. Funny isn't it?

Liposuction, ok you got desperate so you try another method, a safer one and a faster one. Things go well of course, the doctors know what they are doing, they remove all the fats that are living inside of your body. You get rid of your belly, you are so happy and because you need to celebrate you eat a lot of junk foods, mayonnaise, fatty foods, high cholesterol meat, yummy!!! You told yourself that it is just one time, tomorrow you will eat healthy. Another 2 months has passed, you are calling your doctor again, next schedule for liposuction please. You are like a pig who needs to get butchered every two months. Another example is silicon inplant, you want a nice booty and booby, you got curves. Wow! you are like a sexy star but when complications come... BOOM!!! the booty exploded, don't worry because a pack of thousands can fix your sexy body.

You want to graduate without working hard, without opening your books so everytime there is an exam you just copy to your seatmate. Easy life, you didn't do anything and you are passing. But the twist is in the end, after graduating and you look for a job you don't have any confidence to answer the employer's questions, you don't even know what to answer to their basic questions. It is because your brain is empty. The result is you will land a position that is low and not connected to your course.

There are lot of easy things out there, easy ideas such as robbing a bank, looking for a sugar daddy, becoming a prostitute etc.. Those are easy money and will also give you instant success but in the long run it is very dangerous, your life will be in jeopardy and it is very hard to sustain that lifestyle. You think it is easy but it is really hard, other than that it is also dangerous.

Now you know that there is no benefit in easy things, its like taking a steroids. Your muscle will grow and then it will explode later. Your weakness will be exposed. After all, after getting instant success, that success will easily go away because you didn't work hard to get it, if you didn't work hard to get something it will go for nothing. Look at those lottery winners who go broke after 1 year. They didn't put work into that money so they don't mind losing it all. They spend and spend because they don't know how to work hard, all they know is spending.

Easy is very dangerous, really really dangerous, you don't get any benefit from it other than being successful for a very short period of time.

July 24, 2015


Willpower has been widely used by motivators and self help coach. For me this is the most needed skill for you to become successful. Willpower is like discipline, consistency, perseverance, motivation and determination combined. Its like you decide what is your goal and you let your willpower carry you towards your goal.

Some people are saying that they have a strong will power and they always say "if there is a will there is a way" but when difficult times arises and they needed their so called will power, they cannot find it. What seems to be the problem here? It's not that they don't want it bad enough, it's not that they are quitters but they did not train their will power enough.

Willpower is not just saying "I am strong, I believe in myself ...blah blah blah.." Willpower is something you need to develop everyday. It needs time to have a strong willpower. It is not something common to everyone. For me it is a skill not a talent nor a trait that we inherit from our elders. Willpower takes time to master but when you mastered it you will become what you want in life, you can have everything that you are dreaming of.

The secret of elevating a willpower is practicing it everyday. If you are lazy and unfocused person, find at least one small task, a very easy task. May it be washing three dishes and 2 spoons, washing your underwear, making a one page report, illustrating a stick man etc. Once you find that task that you want to do, do it without stopping, focus your attention on every single movement that you create and find ways how to enjoy it. Find the good feeling while doing it.

Start with easier task first then when you find that you can do small tasks without any difficulty and without stopping find a more hard one and do the process again. It is pretty hard to jump right away to a hard task and then practice your willpower in it. You might get overwhelmed and you will have a hard time focusing. Be patient, progress gradually and you will reach the level that you want if you take it one step at a time.

Another technique for strengthening your will power is what I called "Shifting thoughts", this is a more difficult one but the more you master it the greater change in your life will be. You should guard your thoughts if you want to master it. You should not let your thoughts control you. We as human beings have a lot of thoughts that just pops out from our brain. Usually these are thoughts from the past about our different experiences in life. It can be thoughts about humiliation, tragedy, traumatic experiences, first kiss, first heartbreak, victory, birthdays etc etc. It can also be thoughts about future - worrying too much, being scared of what might happen, thoughts about failure and any other negative thinking.

What I mean by shifting thoughts is guarding your negative thoughts and immediately replacing it with the proper one. We cannot just stop thoughts that are negative and block it from appearing every now and then. My one good sample is every time I find myself not focusing on the task or everytime I think stupid things, I say to myself "sshhh shutup" and then I immediately focus on the task again. I am not literally saying those words, people might think of me as crazy if I literally speak it, I am saying it in my brain. Once I say "sshhh shut up" I immediately focus on the task again. That self talk serves as a starting point or reminder to shift my focus and replace the thought that I am thinking.

Willpower is a very powerfull skill, it makes you more effective, faster and get the things once you thought  impossible to get. Once you mastered willpower you will never quit again. You will have a strong drive and your time will fly so fast because you are so focused on what you are doing.

July 23, 2015


There will be a time when you need to make a decision and that decision can change your entire life. A one big no can change your life. Say NO to bad relationship, if your husband or wife is killing you and giving you a very hard time, don't think twice to split up. Have the courage to find the right person that will treat you right, you're not just an ordinary person, you are special, step up, have the confidence to walk away. You will see, your partner will beg you to come back or he will change for the better if he wants to keep you up.

No to parties if you have an exam tomorrow, how many times did your friends tell you that you will come home early and that party will end up at 11 PM but in reality the party ends at 5:49 am. How many times they tell you that just one more drink and they'll let you go but you almost drink the whole barrel of beer and they still refuse to let you go. Once again say NO, say not to madness.

Say no to toxic relationships, say to no people who uses you. They were only good when they needed something and when they get what they want they will treat you like a rag again. Don't be afraid if you have lesser friends than everybody, people who has a lot of friends tends to please everyone, they wanted to be liked by everybody so they spoil all of their friends, treat them with kindness even if in real life they were really bad.

Saying NO can change your whole life forever, say no to things that doesn't benefit you. Say no to Laziness, say no to drugs, say no to poverty, say no to corrupt government. It is up to you, saying no will not hurt you at all.

July 23, 2015


You are a 5"3 guy and you wanted to dunk, is this possible? only you can know that, if you think it is possible then go ahead and try to make it happen. I've seen 5"5 guys in you tube and they can dunk, you are almost the same height as them, you are just 2 inches shorter, is that too much? No of course. It is just a matter of believing in yourself, strengthening your legs, practicing everyday and lets see how far can you go. You don't need to search for someone that did it so you will believe that it can be done, go and find it yourself.

You wanted to invent something, something that hasn't been seen yet, something that will help the world but you are afraid that people might laugh at you, you've been asking for experts that is it possible to realized your idea. Common!! you don't need to do that, you don't need approval from others, if you want to do it just do it, you don't need to gather some facts to make yourself more confident. You don't need to know certain things to support your idea, if you know you can do it then just let go.

So you wanted to be a great artist but your music is different, you wanted to make it to the big stage but still you are doubting yourself because your music has never been heard before. What you do is you search the internet if there is a person similar to your music style before you release it. You are very afraid to be labelled as a crazy artist so you look for another example.

You don't need look for an example just to be another example, be the first example, be the first one who do it. The world wants fresh and new stories so make another story that will shake the world.

If you what you are doing is very hard and you want to see someone who does it first so you can get confidence that you can do it too then there is nothing special about it anymore. What makes a thing special is it has no double, it is very rare and it hasn't been exposed to the world yet.

If you have an idea and you know that nobody does it yet then you better go for it because it will surely succeed, the world is amazed by crazy ideas, the world is easily impressed by something they've never seen or heard before. They give attention to things that are very hard to find that is why paintings made by eccentric artists are so expensive. I don't know what is expensive about it, the artists just express themselves truly and sincerely, everyone can do that, everyone can create unique arts, some are just afraid that their creation might not be accepted or it will look very common.

My advice again is if you have an idea never look for examples that it can be done or has been done before to get confidence. Once you have an idea, forget about the rules, forget about the critics, take small steps at a time and make it happen.

July 23, 2015


In life it is really hard to know when is the right timing. You don't know when is the right time to ask for a salary raise. You don't know when your boss is in a good mood, what if you ask and then he is so super busy and he is super stress, he might yell at you or just ignore you. It is hard right? it is hard to keep guessing.

You don't know when is the right time to start a business, in every news they said that recession is destroying the economy, newscasters says that next year will be a better year, they said that a lot of companies were closing now and economy is dead. The news is scaring you and you let them scare you. You don't know what to do, you are so afraid to invest your money. You won't take any risk because you don't know if it is the right time. So what you do is you hoard your money and you let it dry like a plant that hasn't been watered for decades.

Here is another scenario, you want to do a career move but your wife is telling you that it is too risky, she will tell you these words "What if we have nothing to eat for tomorrow because of your selfish ambitions?" and you will listen to her even if your heart is aching. Your chest is about to explode and you begin to doubt yourself, what if is your wife is right?

But what if you are the one who is right? There is no bad decision at all if you stand up for that decision and making a commitment that no matter what you will make it happen.

If you don't know what is the right timing, if you don't know when is the right time to start then start right away, make every second the right time. Make every second a sense of urgency, if you can't see results yet just keep going. The right time is the moment, there is no such thing as next week, next month or next year. What if things get even worse later? You will never see the right timing if you will not start now. If things get bad it only means that you are getting the feedback first, you are on the TEST STAGE first, what I mean by TEST STAGE is this is the time where your endurance is been tested, your belief is being tested if it will fade or not if it will weaken or not. The test stage is the time where you will doubt yourself, it is the time where you will see the real you.

Make every second the right time, make every second where you give all your best, you make all the necessary calls, you study all the necessary lessons for your business. You strengthen your core and you build your empire inch by inch. You will take every action that is needed even if the results are not guaranteed. You will take every chance and opportunity may it be big or small, THAT IS THE RIGHT TIMING!

If you fail but you continue believing and continue doing what you want to do then you already succeed. It is because you already pass the DOUBT STAGE, EVERYTHING TO LOSE STAGE, ALL OR NOTHING STAGE. You don't even know how to lose anymore, you will tell to yourself "ok I am already broke, I have nothing to lose anymore so I will just go harder and harder until I win". This is the mindset that you should have, TIMING doesn't matter to you anymore, fear has subside and you almost feel like there is no place to go rather than above. You hit the bottom so there is no more failure to experience.

You already know that there is no right timing because even if the right timing is real you will still fail at some point. Right timing is an illusion, how can you get feedbacks if everything is perfect. Those moments that you fail because of taking the risk, those are the moments that you should be proud because you take chances when everyone is afraid, you are the first one who will know what to do next. You will be the first one who will know that right timing is doing it now and not later.

And remember if you will look around, if you will listen to people very closely, all they do is talk and talk, they can't even make the first step, they will tell you something like this: "I am going to make a great business next year, I am going to pursue my dreams once I inherited the riches from my grandpa that can still run a 1000 km marathon" and guess what? they still keep talking, they are full of excuses.

Don't be like this people who were always waiting for the right timing, at some areas of life there is a right timing for example the right time to cross a road, the right time to eat lunch, the right time to sleep and the right time to make a vacation (if there is a typhoon just stay in your house, this is what I mean) Right timing is only applied on basic things and if your life is on the line. But if the growth, goals and success is what we are talking about, again MAKE EVERY SECOND THE RIGHT TIME.

July 23, 2015


Doing Something and Doing Nothing is pretty much same...time will pass by and you can't get it back

July 22, 2015


Did you ever push yourself to the limits, do all the process, pass all the training, eat all dusts yet your reward isn't showing around? If this is happening to you don't worry it only means the reward is getting bigger and bigger. If you ever work for something hard enough, if you put a lot of energies into it, for sure you will get something. Never lose hope because all the efforts that you put in has an equivalent return it just doesn't show up yet. Maybe the universe is just testing you if you really deserve what you want.

The longer the delay the bigger the reward. This is a formula that doesn't fail. This has been tested for ages. The reward will only show if you consistently put in the work every day. It is like a piggy bank, you work for your goal, you keep improving yourself everyday then the piggy bank goes full and it is time for you to smash it. Smash it with authority, smash it like you will release your anger and frustrations, smash it like all of your wait is over and it is time for you to release all the negative emotions that you endure.

Most people when they work hard for at least weeks or several months they want to get their reward immediately, folks it ain't about that. You have to work until you see the results that you want. If the results doesn't show up for a very long time, it may mean two things: one is you still have to continue working and work harder, two is you have to change your approach or change something to what you are doing. It doesn't mean that you have to change your goal, just change something or add something to your routine to change some momentum.

Things are not meant to be rushed, just be patient and your time will come.

July 22, 2015


Some people dedicated their lives to some politicians and cleaning all the shits of their boss and when they grow old they will be thrown like a stinky garbage. Some people will work for a company that mistreated them and they will spend the rest of their precious time working for that shitty company for the rest of their lives. The worse thing is they hate the company yet they don't want to leave it. Meanwhile there are some hypocrite fans out there who were dying to see their idols, they will protect their idols, kill for their idols, fight in facebook for their idols and even spend big time for their idols.

What is wrong with these people? do they know that they have only one life? If they know it then why are they willing to die for someone and not for their own lives?

Die for your life, what I mean by this? what I mean is dedicate your time to yourself, improve yourself, die for your dreams, set your own goals and don't be just an accessory of someone's success. It is ok to help people to succeed but don't help them to the point where you have nothing left for yourself anymore.

You must live and follow your heart not someone's heart. Some people are just using you for their own benefit. They promised you some good things, they will treat you right but at the end of the day they will never care for you  once you can no longer help them.

It's idiotic to die for someone who is not also willing to die for you. A lot of you folks are very loyal to your idols, when they visit your country you will even go to the airport and make posters that they will not even look at. You will scream like a maniac and ask for an autograph but sometimes they will even mistreat you or sometimes their bodyguards will beat you to death if you irritate them so much. After all your sufferings this is how they will repay you?

My friends, stop dedicating your life to stupid things or people that will not even make your life better. It is ok to admire someone, it is ok to watch their shows, follow what they are doing but don't reach to the point where you are so emotionally connected to them and your life will be so much affected if they didn't give you attention.

You will cry if you can't go to their concert show because your mom didn't give you money. Now you are angry to your mom who is more concern to you. What kind of an attitude is that? You will fight to the death if someone bashes your idol in social media, you will even collect data from different resources to prove that your idol is clean, what the heck will that give to you?

To those who are dogs of politicians or some false messiah, don't you know that when your bosses sucks and their corruption was exposed you will go to jail too? the worse thing is sometimes they will use you and blame that you are the mastermind. Common people... wake up, don't ever give your life to somebody who is not worth it. If you want to idol someone idolized yourself, don't waste your energy and time for others. Be your own boss, be your own idol.

July 21, 2015


The thing is this, a lot of people are afraid of being told mediocre or average or not too good that is why they don't want to move anymore, they don't want to pursue their passion anymore. They are afraid of critics and being embarrassed infront of other people. Let me tell you something and this is real, read attentively...If you are doing something at your best, if you put time into it, if you don't rush it, if you put your heart into it and if you feel good while doing it then it is not a mediocre. Sometimes the term mediocre is just a judgement from people who think they are the best at doing something. They don't want someone outclassing them. They want to be the best forever so they criticize others' works.

The real definition of a mediocre work is a work that looks like a work that has no effort or done in  a very short period of time, like 15 mins or less. If you know in yourself that you give your best, you work hard, you take your time and you put a lot of heart into your work then there is nothing else to prove. You don't need to seek for approval, you don't need to know the bullshit opinions of others.

It doesn't matter how the result looks, what really matters is the energy that was given to the work. After all, anyone can feel if a certain work was done in just 5 minutes or if it was given a lot of attention and a huge amount of creativity was used to finish it.

You know it in yourself if you did not put a lot of effort into your work so if people tell that it sucks don't get hurt. You only have the right to defend your work if you really give your best on it and someone tell you that it is sloppy.

Don't be afraid to show your work if you give your best to finish it, it may have flaws, it may not be perfect but still a lot of people will appreciate it and find the beauty behind it. The reality is not everyone will like your work even if you are the best, there will always be haters around and criticize you so don't put pressure on yourself and strive for perfection. Just do your best, push yourself to produce results that you've never done before. BE PASSIONATE AND PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE GREAT!!

July 20, 2015


This article is dedicated to those who are sick and tired of being controlled by undeserving people and it goes a little something like this:

You've been bullied by your boss for so many years, he promised to give you a promotion and increase once you finished that project. After you finished that project he give you another one and told you that he already file a proposal for your promotion to the management but after many months and years your time didn't come. You are still waiting and waiting, each time you see your boss pass around he will just give you a smirk and a pile of paper work that should be done in just one night. You know what to do and you should do it now, cut the strings stop playing a puppet for your boss. Either he promotes you or you quit your shitty job. Put the cards on the table let him choose.

You've been push around by your friends and they labeled you as a follower, they treated you like a garbage and not a human being yet why are you still following them? there are right people there waiting for you and will treat you like the way you want. Right now erase their contact number in your CP, unfriend them, block them and live the way you want. So what if they wonder, so what if they call you ugly names at your back, if you will shift your focus to different things then you will not regret living them, make a stand, reclaim your humanity.

Your partner is abusing you, he only calls when he wants something to happen, the worse part is after he get what he wants you will be treated like an unattractive statue that no one wants to see. Everyone is special and you deserve to be treated special, have the courage to break up with him and search for someone who will not mess with your life.

Your Coach... your coach who knows what is better for you, who knows what are your limitations and gives you a role that even a nursery can do. If you did not follow him he will bench you. It's time to step up, if you are working really hard and you are not getting the role or playing time that you deserve, ask for a trade. Just do it, you are here to play and not to watch. Make sure you work so hard so that your skill set won't be ignored. All the coach do is talk and talk and talk, he can't even run so what is the point of following someone who is not better than you.

Lastly..yourself, you are being controlled by yourself. You have habits and mindset that are not healthy for your life. You've been afraid so many times where there is nothing to be afraid of. You are afraid of things, people, circumstances that in reality has no control over you. You have bad habits that you can't get rid of because it has been embedded to your DNA for many many years. You know what you are doing is not right but you still keep on doing it. This is the perfect time for you to have total control over yourself. Be in the moment, the moment you feel scared, the moment you noticed that you are not doing the right thing, stop doing it, stop feeling it...JUST DON'T and enough of the bullshit thoughts inside of your head.

It is time to follow yourself, follow your intuition, stop being played by someone who is not better than you, stop being played by bullshits who can do is just talk and talk, use and abuse. Stop being controlled by your dirty habits and thoughts that will lead you to nowhere. You have the right to reclaim what you deserve, it is time to become the person you wanted to be, treated the way you wanted to be treated. It's never too late, reclaim your life!

July 19, 2015


I don't know why a lot of people are complaining that life is hard. Was life really hard? I don't think so. The reality is life was very easy that is why we take it for granted. Why do we find it so hard if we take it for granted? We don't even need to think if we wanted to breathe.

Life is easy, it is easy to procrastinate and stop doing the things that are important. It is easy to just watch TV the whole day and waste your time. It is easy not to brush your teeth and just go to bed whenever you feel to. It is easy to just play PS3 and fail your exams, what is difficult about life?

We make our life easy by choosing the easy life and by choosing the easy life our life becomes harder in the end.

It is very easy for us to fall into temptations, doing things that are not healthy and will give misery.

It is easy to bust your diet and eat 5 boxes of chocolates, that's just an appetizer what if you add 3 cans of soda and 8 slices of pizza? life is great isn't it? it is so easy and fun. It is very easy to destroy your life, what is so hard about it? Don't ever complain that life is so hard because you are enjoying all the pleasures that has no reward. You are eating like a maniac and procrastinating like a king so don't ever complain in the end.

We often complain about how hard life is, how hard it is to find a decent job but we don't notice ourselves that it is very easy for us to complain, make excuses and blame others for our misery. Life is very easy, it is just a matter of perspective how we look at any situation.

It is easy to lie, it is easy to stay uncommitted, it is easy to make sins, it is easy to to become lazy. Life is full of easiness. What a wonderful life yet we don't appreciate it. Life is easy but there is also a consequence for living a life that is full of easiness, your life at the end will be so difficult. You can't change the rule: IF YOU DIDN'T PAY THE PRICE YOU WON'T GET ANY PRIZE.

July 17, 2015


Don't be scared if you are not the fastest nor the strongest person in your field because you can still win by using all the power you have at the right time. You may be wondering how is it possible but I will explain this to you further.

First of all speed and strength are big assets and big advantages if you have it but what if you don't have it? or your strength and speed is not enough to beat your opponent, don't worry it is all in your mind, what you have now is all you need.

Do you remember the championship game of Dallas Maverick VS Miami Heat at 2011? The Mavs beat the heat 4-2 at that series, there was a time when you think the heat will dominate the series but they failed. The heat was the more athletic team, no doubt Lebron James was the fastest and the strongest player in that series but did he dominate the series? NO, it is because he cannot use his energy at the right time, he cannot use his power during tough stretches, he is breaking mentally.

How about the lanky 7 foot German who everyone thought was weak and cannot lead his team to a championship? His name is Dirk Nowitzki, he hit all those crucial shots, he never break mentally even though his team was down 2-1 in the series. He is not too fast, he cannot even jump but he can use his power at the right time, he has the right timing. He knows when to speed up and when to slow down. He controls the rhythm of the game. On the other hand Lebron James the King is breaking down mentally, he can't use his power even though he is the most powerful player on the league. He got pressured and he is so scared to take charge, his body language changes and he can't seem to figure out what to do to make his team win.

This is what I am talking about, if you can use your power at the right time and use it when needed the most then you will succeed. A lot of people who were strong, smart, skilled loses their power and cannot use them at some point along the way. This is when you should take advantage, this is when you should take charge.

There are even some people who were very skilled, talented and gifted but cannot use all the gifts they have, for whatever reason they were lazy, scared and even lacking confidence so they do not succeed in life. They are very conservative, they do not take risks and they just let life pass them by.

If you are not so talented, strong or smart all you have to do is use your power, use everything you have, do whatever it takes and you will win in life. It is not necessary that you should have all the gifts that nobody has, the most important thing is you can use all your power at the right place and at the right time.

July 15, 2015


Just do the thing that you need to do before your mind worries about things, before it think of another thing to do, before it engages on useless thoughts that will take away your focus. Just react faster that your mind so you will finish a certain task faster than you think.

Our minds are very occupied with different things, we don't even know where are our thoughts coming from. It just pops out coming from nowhere and then it controls us. It's like a bit of candy that will be swarmed by ants if we don't guard it.

To avoid being controlled by your mind and have it unguarded from useless and worrying thoughts react faster than it. If you have a task to do just do it right away without thinking, just do the first step and let the momentum carry on. The right thinking will happen while you are doing the task, your mind will produce thoughts that are congruent to the task once you do it immediately.

If you let your mind think or worry before doing the task then you will have a difficulty starting the task, your mind will fly away, it will produce negative thoughts that will stop you from moving. So just do the task even if you don't have a plan, just do the first step even if it is not really the first step. All the dots will connect later once you decide to move and finish what you are ought to do.

This skill is not difficult to master it is even fun to do and it has a lot of benefits. It will make you very productive, it will lessen your procrastination habits and you will be amazed at how light you feel and how stress free your life is. Reacting faster than your mind must only be used on the task that you must do and not on the things that will put your life into danger or misery. This technique once fully mastered will attract massive success and prosperity into your life.

July 05, 2015


Yeah, the title is right, this post was so ironic isn't it? How come you must love what you hate? Everybody loves what they love and they hate what they hate BUT......There are some things that you hate that you must love, you must learn to love it even though you really don't like it, even if it sucks so much, even if it is so uncomfortable.

What I am talking about are habits, sacrifices, responsibilities and commitment. Yeah you hate to wake up early or stand up right away when your alarm clock rings, it is fun to at least take 5 minutes more and fantasize in your bed but is that habit helpful? is it helping you to avoid being late at your work? Is it the first step to become productive?

Yeah you really hate to hit the gym, you really hate to run at least 45 min on a daily basis, you really hate to sweat and get tired, who loves that? but sometimes what you hate is what you must love in order to have a better life.

You hate to sacrifice your time for television, you hate to eat healthy foods, you hate to unfollow the crowd, you hate to become uncomfortable, you hate to quit smoking etc. etc. I cannot blame you because it is really fun to do what you love to do but sometimes doing what you hate is more beneficial than doing what you love.

The conclusion is do what you hate to do if you know that it will benefit you in the long run. It sucks studying and it is more fun to play video games but will video games give you the answers to your exam? Is it more comfortable to lie on the floor and watch american idol than to work your ass off and make baby steps to your goal, but what is the best thing to do? what will give you a more comfortable life in the end? You know the answer, you already know what is right or wrong, I will not stress this long enough, you know what to do so do it!!!

July 04, 2015


One of the common mistake that people do is they rush the ending. They want to finish the goal or task right away, they want to reach the finish line but they forgot to give importance to the tiniest details in order to reach the finish line. How many times this line has been told yet you don't want to believe it "life is a journey not a destination" this line has been told over and over again yet people are still addicted to finish fast.

People want to lose fat fast so they believe in a lot of shortcuts, they believe some gels that when they apply to their stomach will give them an 8 pack abs. They believe some kind of exercise machine that when they do 5 mins a day will give them the body that they are dreaming of for a very long time. They believe some kind of a magic pill that when they swallow 12 times a day will make them slim and they also believe that it has no side effects. Some people who practice liposuction also ends in tragedy because everytime they get fat they request their doctors to operate them again and again, what a miserable life!!! Their like a pig who gets fat then cut then eat again then cut again.

People want the easy way and they freak out when they learn that the process will take very long. Another sample is a driver who wants to go home so fast because he is so hungry, what he does is he overtake a lot of vehicles, he violated a lot of rules so the result is accident, he rush a lot so the ending is not beautiful. The worse thing is there are some innocent civilians who were affected for his nonsense behaviors.

When you rush the ending in any task or any goal that you are pursuing the result will not be perfect. Have you heard any vehicle that causes a lot of accident because it is manufactured poorly? There are some planes that causes tragedy because the mechanic of it didn't fix it very well. There are also some fireworks who killed thousands of people because it exploded unexpectedly, this is not bad luck, it is a mistake that people commit because they did not do their work very well, they want to rush the ending and manufacture a lot of fireworks so they just pack and pack and pack without conscience.

Lets talk about other things, In sports some athletes also are rushing the ending. For example in basketball, the home team is down by 1 pt with 5 seconds left, the ball was given to the open man, because he is so scared that time will caught him he rushes the shot and the result...airball, his team lose. You should be relax in the ending, you should calm down, there is no point of rushing because it takes away the real you, you can't think clearly and you will come up with poor decisions.

In anything that we do we should not rush the ending, we should even give it more attention and time because all of the things that we do from the beginning will be wasted if we did not finish very well. Our pacing, our timing, our mindset when the end is near should not be different from the time that we start.

July 03, 2015


It's not about how fast you move, how strong you are, what kind of technique you know or how smart you are. There is only one way how to make a single task faster and that is to LOCK IN.

Many of us are having trouble finishing a simple task mainly because we don't like doing it or there are many distractions that surrounds us. What makes a task difficult is not its difficulty but the way we make it more difficult. We think of it as difficult already even though we haven't started yet.

A lot of you when doing a simple task can't help but to look for your emails, you start texting your friends, when you got bored you watch tv so the task was leave in pending and the momentum starts to die. When you come back to your task you don't know when to start, you become irritated, your body becomes heavy and you feel like can't start doing it again.

When you have a task to do no matter how big or small it is just LOCK IN, create momentum and you'll soon see that it is not harder than you thought. Never take your eyes off to the task that you are doing. Have a laser like focus and you'll see you will finish faster. It is just a matter of discipline and appreciation of what you are doing. Appreciate that you can move, appreciate that you can finish a task because when you grow old you cannot do all the things that you used to be doing before.

Another mortal sin when doing a task is multi tasking, you feel like your time is so precious that you don't want any second to get away so you do all the things you can do at the same time. The result in the end is you ran out of energy and your mind becomes cluttered. You are so stressed and you don't know how to finish anymore. Just take your time, relax but don't slow, make it quick but don't rush. When you lock in, when you focus one task at a time your life will become easier, lighter and happier. The momentum is so alive and you immediately established a rhythm to do more task in the long run.

July 02, 2015


What will people remember? is it a 30 second of being popular in facebook showing everyone how cute you are, how delicious the food you are eating, how cute your dog is, how expensive is your new shoes, how fancy are your clothes, how bad do you feel, how unfair you've been treated. Maybe you will be remembered for days because your post might get a lot of attention but that's it...Nothing historical, nothing amazing, noting epic.

Everyone can cry on facebook, everyone can eat delicious food, buy expensive clothes, go on different places, everyone can do that, what is amazing about those things? It's just a show off and nothing else.

In the long run no one will remember your complaints, problems or stuffs that you buy, no one will remember it. It's just like a news that will come and go.

What if you buy a ferrari? get drafted in NFL, save a life or win a big time talent show? Not anyone can do that so that is what do we call epic. People will remember you for a very long time if you do epic things.

Doing what is hard to do is what make a person become a legend, his name will be remembered for a very long time if not forever. If you do what is easy you will easily be forgotten but if you achieve what is hard your name will remain on the books forever.

July 01, 2015


Hey! Don't ever complain like that again! Don't ever try to get a lot of attention from people that you were treated unfairly. You cannot trick the universe, it gives you what you deserve or what you focus into. Don't say that you work hard yet you didn't get what you want in your life. The universe watches you all the time, maybe you really work hard but that work is not enough, maybe you work hard for just three days then you sleep on the 4 remaining days of the week. You cannot fool the universe it has a log book of your activities. The universe will give you back what you put in so don't ever ask something back if you didn't put any work, what I mean by work is real work not just a work that is a lazy work. You will be rewarded if you really deserve it, it maybe delayed sometimes but the more it is delayed the bigger the reward is.

If you try a thousand times but didn't get rewarded don't worry.. the universe recorded that effort, there is a reward waiting for you but it will only be given if you will not stop trying, that is the rule, even if you try a million times and give up at the end all of your efforts will be useless. Lock yourself in, commit to what you are doing and even if you don't see results it doesn't mean there will be no results. The universe is watching you, it is not blind, it sees all your sufferings and efforts, the reward will be given at the right time, maybe it hasn't arrive yet but it will arrive at the right time, the time where you least expected it.