June 22, 2015


Your source of your strength is your preparation, even if you are already a strong person if you did not prepare you will get weak in the long run, your power will get depleted because your body is not conditioned and you don't have the mental stamina to keep going.

Those people who think that they are strong enough and they don't need to prepare is delusional, they are cocky and they will fail in the end, even champions prepare, they even prepare the hardest.

If you prepare hard enough for a competition then you are sure to win, you will compete at the highest level and you will have a lot of energy during pressure times, not only in competition but also in some areas of life. If you prepare enough then you are guaranteed to get victorious.

If you experience difficulty but you know in yourself you prepare you can overcome that difficulty because you already know that feeling and that is not new to you. You will remember how it feels to suffer, you will remember the days that you train, you can overcome any suffering.

The longer and the harder you prepare the more you get stronger, during pressure times you will have a reserve energy, you will get something to keep you going while others already gave up. A lot of people underestimate the power of preparation or maybe they are just too lazy to prepare. In life we get what we put in so if you put nothing don't expect to get something. You may not see any rewards yet during preparation but you will see it if the going gets tough.

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