June 23, 2015


How many of you dedicate your life following your idol? You have all of his albums, all of his jerseys, you go to their concerts without missing their tour, you have their posters inside of your room. You follow their tweets everyday, some even has a tattoo of his idol on his chest or butt.

What's wrong with you guys? don't you love your life? You have your own identity don't admire someone too much because you are wasting your uniqueness. Some people has totally followed the footsteps of his idol. Wearing the same dress as his idol, the same haircut, same accent etc.

You are wasting your time because you are not following your purpose instead you follow someone else's.You spend most of your time knowing what is your idol doing, eating, who is his latest girlfriend.

It is ok to admire someone but you don't have to cry if your idol dies or is not popular anymore. You give most of your time to you idol but do they even know you? will they give time to you if you want them too?

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