June 24, 2015


This world is a believer of mainstream, where the crowd goes everybody goes. What if you don't want to follow the crowd?, what if you don't need to follow the crowd? You get what I'm saying? Let me give you some examples.

This world believes that only graduates and only those who came from exclusive and popular schools thrive and they are the only ones who will get a good job. Will you believe in this assumption? at some point it is true but not all the time. A lot of big names are undergraduates because they don't believe that education is the only key to success instead they create their own destiny, they didn't follow the crowd, they thread their own path.

At some cases coming from a popular school has a big advantage because people are in love with identity, but what if you did not came from a popular school? are you not going to pursue a big position in a company that you are working? are you just going to identify that with yourself and become a slave of those people who came from a popular school but are lame and undedicated?

You have no choice but to make your own beliefs if you want to thrive too, if you stick with the beliefs of other people you will not evolve, you will get stuck and you will remain a peasant forever do you want that? If you want to succeed you have to make your own beliefs and fully believe in it.

Make a belief that if you work hard, if you dedicate yourself, if you push and push and push you will finally get what you want regardless of people think of you. Make a belief that underdogs can become an overdog someday as long as they keep on pursuing their dreams. Make a belief that everything is achievable and really believe that, don't make a reliever belief for the sake of just feeling good or for just daydreaming.

Make a belief that will empower you, that will make you move, that will put you into a desperation mode and do whatever it takes to get your dream. You can invent your belief, it's your mind, it's your life you can choose whatever belief you create and believe in it.

They say that at the age of 28 is the final age of anyone's peak stage, what if you are already 38 and you haven't reached or feel your peak stage yet? make your own belief, believe that 40 years old is the earliest age of peak stage. If you believe them how does it help you? Believing them will only make you weak. You will start doubting yourself and avoid taking actions

They say that greatness are only for chosen few and it also has something to do with genetics. Well trash that saying, what if you wanted to become great and you have no history, talent or whatever? are you still going to believe them? You should raised your standards, practice everyday, make a belief that someday is going to be your day and escalate your belief everyday to another level. If anyone's belief is not empowering you get rid of it immediately, don't let it grow, don't let it stick to your system, replace it with a belief that will put you into success and continue believing it.

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