June 20, 2015


Too much intro will kill you...What I mean by that? before you make a move there is so much going into your head, there are lot of things that you want to do first. For example you want to exercise, do you exercise right way? I am sure not, before you exercise you want to watch TV first, you keep telling to yourself "I will finish my favorite TV program then after that I will exercise" then after you finish the program what? you will watch another TV program because you like what is next, it seems like you are loving all the TV programs and all the programs are your favorite, then after you got tired of watching TV you want to take a nap or you want to do other things, then after so much excuses you will decide to do it tomorrow and then the same habit will be implemented and zero results will be accomplished.

Another example is you want to tell your mom that you are getting married, I bet you can't tell that right away. You will find the right timing, you will plan to set up a dinner and weeks will go by and that dinner did not happen. Then suddenly your momentum will become weak, your fiance will get mad at you and you will fight then that's the only time you really decide to tell about your marriage to your mom. Do you need to fight with your fiance first to get things done?

You want to start a business or a new career but before you do it a lot of things are running to your mind again. You want to make all things perfect, you will ask your friends about this about that and then if you get feedbacks that you don't like you wont start it, funny isn't it? It's ok to ask but don't get in the trap of asking forever, just get some opinions and then start!!! throw yourself to the path that you want and then commit.

It is like a song, have you heard a song that has a 2 minute intro? it is so boring right? before the lyrics start you want to stop the song and listen to another one. Too much intro is not fun, too much intro will not get the job done, it will give doubts, fears and you will learn how to enjoy procrastinating.

If you have a task to do, an important thing to do, a business or even a very small job do it right away, stop engaging on a lot of ceremonies before you start. Do it right away regardless of how you feel. Even if your pace is slow at the beginning, it is better to start and make a slow momentum rather than preparing forever. You have a pending task now? SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO IT!

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