June 29, 2015


Are you the type of person who always seek for help everytime you face a hard consequence in life? Do you always look for your parents if you are involve in a trouble? If yes then you are soft.

Don't get mad because it is the reality, you are soft as a tissue and fragile as a cotton candy.

What if the support did not come to you? what will you do? are you just gonna cry? blame everyone for your shortcomings? Not all the time you will get support so don't rely on that soft word, don't rely on that weak word. Support is a word for helpless and weak people. Don't ever use that.

I am not saying that support is bad but just use it if it was given to you without asking for it. If it comes to you freely and someone just offered it then accept it, if people wants to help you then it only means that you deserve some help but if not it means that you have to do it by your own.

It is not about pride, it is not about proving something to people, it is about taking full responsibility of yourself. People don't like people who always asks for help. If there is a person who is always helping you and you continually abused that person that person will soon get tired of you. Nobody wants a parasite, nobody wants a blood sucking individual who only knows is to get and get and get.

Stop acting like a child who wants to get a candy everytime he cries. Stop playing soft because you're harder than what you are. Never make asking for help a habit because you will get weaker and weaker every time you do it. You will lose confidence about yourself, you cannot stand alone and you will always practice self pity when someone refuses to help you.

Be a person who only relies on himself, be a helper not a help seeker. Support is only for people whose lives are in danger, support is for people who cannot stand, support is for people who are mentally disable.

If you are in the right frame of mind, inf you can stand, if you can walk, if you can talk, if you can read and write then there is no reason to help you, HELP YOURSELF!!!!

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