June 22, 2015


HANGING GAMES - this is the favorite game of people who always keep other people waiting, who always wait for the right moment, who are hesitant and cannot decide what is good for their lives.

Stop playing this game, this make the world slow, this stops the progress, this shit is not healthy.

Did you ever work for a client and you keep him waiting to finish a simple task for weeks? the worse thing is you make a lot of excuses such as you got sick, you got a pimple on your butt, your electricity has been stolen and any other lame excuses that will make your client even mad.

Did you ever commit to an appointment then you are late for hours? you keep on telling to the person who is waiting that you will be there in 15 mins but the reality is you haven't take a bath yet. Wow! that was brutal.

Stop playing the hanging games, this shit is not healthy, you are making it difficult for everyone, you are making the world revolve slow, the more you delay something the worse it will get.

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