June 25, 2015


Stop bothering what bothers you, what I mean by this is if you are doing something and you need a lot of focus or you need to do it with a lazerlike focus, if there is something going on outside of your zone stop giving attention to it. If you have a goal and there are lots of critics that people are throwing at you just ignore them, you can't control them anyway and even if you are the most perfect guy in this world there will be a lot of critics that you will receive everyday.

If you are studying and your neighbor is too loud because they are having a useless party and they wanted to become cool stop thinking about them, just put your headset, listen to a relaxing music and study like a monk. If you argue with them if you let them know that you are getting irritated they will tune up their noise even more. That's what most people do, especially if they are drunk they love to instigate fights, they love to show that they are untouchable, mainly because of the influence of alcohol.

Stop bothering what bothers you, their main purpose is to put you away on what you are doing, your momentum will be destroyed if you give attention to them. If you try to control them it will even get worse, they will try to distract you even more, they love to see you getting distracted and annoyed.

Just focus on what you are doing, if you need to take a break and recondition yourself do it but never give attention to anyone or anything that is not worth giving an attention.

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