June 22, 2015


Not all of your works will become epic even though you are so talented, sometimes some of your works will suck to other people's eyes, you are just a human being and it's normal, don't feel ashamed of yourself, just keep doing what you do best and never lose your confidence.

Not all the time you can be in the zone, sometimes you will really have a bad night, sometimes you cannot even do what is right, don't be sad, it's just a reminder that you are just a human like everybody else, you are not a perfect person, you will make mistakes but you can correct those mistakes, cheer up there will always be another chance.

Not all the time you will feel good, not all the time you will be on top, life is revolving, emotions is a roller coaster. If you feel good everyday and you don't feel bad anymore for a year then maybe you are already crazy, people who cannot feel bad anymore is not real, we are humans we will feel bad every now and then but the good thing is we can choose what kind attitude we will use to any given situation.

Did you ever see a person who didn't feel bad? who is always winning? who is never questioned or get criticized? there is no such thing as that kind of person. Maybe that person is already dead if it do really exist.

Not all the time is a good time, what human beings cannot understand is what comes after a bad time is good time, you will not stick into a situation, feeling or adversity if you have the right attitude to change your mindset. Embrace that you are losing,embrace that you are feeling bad, it will not be permanent, sooner or later everything will be good again.

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