June 25, 2015


Laziness will make your job bigger and it's true you know that it's true, if you did not know it yet I will teach you why is it.

Let's go by example, let's say you are reading an article and because you are too lazy to read it word by word you just read the paragraphs that you think is important and has the information you needed. After reading the whole story you didn't understand something, there is a missing information that you need to know so what you will do is read the whole article again and find that missing piece that you need to know. Nice work, you double read it!

Another example, you are about to pass your first thesis. What you do the whole week is you watch stupid tv shows and play video games that you think will motivate you ("wow this is grand theft auto, nice cars I will have it someday!") and when the deadline has arrived you pass your thesis incomplete. And when your brutal professor saw it, he crumpled your thesis infront of your face because it is meaningless. What will you do is you will repeat the thesis again. Good job double work again!

You are cooking your favorite dish and its almost done, you lessen the fire and you are just waiting for the meat to soften. Well because you are too lazy to guard it you leave it for a while and you chat with your friends in a popular social media called facecrook, you tell to yourself "I will be back in 5 minutes" but you enjoy chatting with your friend and hours go by and you forgot what you are cooking then TADA! the dish is burned. Go back to start, chopped the vegetables and prepare the ingredients.

It is better to take your job seriously and endure its hardship because you don't need to repeat it again. Being lazy will double the job just like an elementary or college student who is a repeater because he is always lazy to go to school and always lazy to finish his assignments, the result is FAILURE!

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