June 21, 2015


You make your life harder than it is because of taking useless information or wanting to know information that is not helpful to you. You want to know everything, you want to know the birthday of your favorite celebrity, you want to know where he lives or where he is born. Do you really need to know it? how does it benefit you? The worse case is sometimes you got caught in an argument with somebody because both of you are fighting for what the right info is.

Sometimes you got overwhelmed by someone who knows better than you and is sarcastically belittling your knowledge, you will take it personally and you will study a lot of things that is not relevant to your life so that when you meet him again you will prove him that you are a smarter person. What is the point of that?

Instead of studying something for the sake of impressing somebody just study what matters most, study what will make you richer, study what will make your relationships healthier, don't study what shouldn't be studied it's just a waste of time.

You know what is right for you, you know what will make you a better person you don't need everybody to know it!

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