June 19, 2015


I will build a business, something that will change the world, something that can earn millions. mmmm... A restaurant that serves zero cholesterol food and I mean it, I will build that, that is good, that is unique, I will build that next year, I will build that if I already have a budget or if there is a financer out there.

I will invent something, something that has never seen before, something that will change my fortune and turned me into a billionaire.....A flying bike or a flying car, yes!!! those are nice ideas, it  will surely click and make me popular. I will start inventing it next month, I have to enjoy my vacation first.....and when that month comes another excuse is formed - "I have to take lessons about machines first, I don't know anything about machines, but where is my money to get an education about machines?"

WHAT THE F***!!! People has thousands of ideas and their imagination is unlimited but the execution, yeah I mean the EXECUTION!!! where is it? people just talk and talk. They talk about their plans, they talk about their goals but they cannot execute!

Funny isn't it? are you one of these people? do you love to talk about your dreams then once you tell everyone about your dreams and make you feel better then you will let it die? There are thousands of ideas but there are millions of excuses. The ratio is not balance, if you talk more but do less then your shitty dreams will not come true.

My advice is stop making plans, stop talking, just do it and lets see the result. If what you are doing is not making any progress then reverse the course. If all you do is talk and you can't see results then change it, this time you will do is just doing and less talking. Ideas will never ran out so stop talking about it. JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND. (only if that is related to your goal, stop doing nonsense things)

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