June 27, 2015


There is a huge difference between being humble and unexpressive individual. Being humble is good there is nothing wrong with it, some people are just born humble and they are ok with it. If you are the type of person who is humble and you love being humble then it is good for you, you are being yourself 100 percent and it's just the human being that you are, don't change if you don't want to change.

Being unexpressive is being humble that is against your true character, what do I mean by this? You want to express something, you want to do something, you want to get loud but because you want your identity to remain as a humble human being and you don't want to offend somebody you remain being silent. Is it good for you? I know how it feels because sometimes I am like this but I am trying my best to destroy this kind of attitude.

Not expressing yourself means you are stopping yourself of becoming happy, we as individuals should express ourselves no matter what people think. Even if people say you are cocky, you are a weirdo or whatever nickname they call you, you should still express yourself.

When you are in a situation and you really want to say something or do something but because you want to remain humble you didn't do it, you stop yourself, you become afraid of what people will say or how will they react, is it really being humble or being afraid? Then when you come back to your home you will think about it very long, you will tell to yourself "I should have do that, I should have say it, I suck again, shit!!" What happen is...you regret, you could have been more happier at that moment but because you stay 'BEING HUMBLE' you did not know what is the outcome.

I am not saying that you should become cocky or arrogant, my point here is stop being humble if you are really not, try to become more expressive but not so arrogant. Show your true character, because showing your true character is the real meaning of being happy, it is the real meaning of being in the moment, you don't care about the future, you don't care about the outcome, you just want to embrace the moment and be 100 percent with it.

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