June 19, 2015


You were always criticizing a lot of athletes, writers, politicians, celebrities or even co workers and telling them that they are no good, not beautiful, not making an impact but the reality is you are not even half as good as them.

If you find yourself always mocking different people, wanting to drag people down and easily irritated by someone's success it only means that you are insecure and cannot prove something to this world.

Are you one of these people who always find something wrong about someone? Are you one of these people who can't be happy if someone does a little thing that catches a lot of attention? Did you backstabbed someone who makes a little mistake and make fun of him? Do you always look for the flaws of people?

If you are one of these people then you are so weak, you always find the fault of other people but you cannot even correct your personality.

Only criticize others if you have proved to the world that you are a much better person than those you are gossiping. Criticize if you have the track records that can prove that you are a much better person and has no flaws, weaknesses or ugliness in life.

If you are perfect then you can criticize but if not just shut your mouth and enjoy the success of others. If you are pulling someone down it only means that the person you are destroying is much better than you or he has what you don't have.

Stop being insecure, if you really hate someone then beat him by being better than him, if you cannot beat him then shut your mouth and stop spreading nonsense, lies and badwords that can make someone feel miserable.

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