June 30, 2015


Reserve an extra gear - this is another technique used by successful people when they face tough challenges, basically this is just a mindset, this is just a metaphor but when you watch champion athletes or hear the story of legends you will see that they always finish strong, they always find ways to win when they are in deep trouble. It seems like they have a bag of reserve energy that they use when defeat is occupying their vision. It seems like they have an extra gear that they use when the ending is near.

This also should be your mindset, you should have an extra gear when the going gets tough. Most people gave up at the end, they don't know that just a little more effort and perseverance will ensure their victory but because they can no longer find an energy to keep going they give up.

There is no better way to have an extra gear than to practice will power. There are methods how to strengthen your will power and it is up to you how to choose a method that best fits you, may it be visualization, affirmation or any kinds of method that will fuel your willpower. If you will ask me how I strengthen my willpower, I use self talk, when I am in a tough situation I just find thoughts that will replace the negative emotion or will make me forget that I am in pain. Some of the thoughts that I use when I am in pain were: "I am doing this for my family", "Just one more step, one more", "I am so lucky coz I can move, I have only one life I have to use it to the fullest", "Tomorrow is not guaranteed I have to give my best now". Those were the thoughts that I use when I feel like giving up and I am glad that they are still working up to now. 

So next time when you have to face a big challenge always reserve an extra gear...prepare...make sure there is something that you can substitute for pain so you can finish the race, make sure there is an energy that you can find when your eye for victory is going blind.

June 29, 2015


Are you the type of person who always seek for help everytime you face a hard consequence in life? Do you always look for your parents if you are involve in a trouble? If yes then you are soft.

Don't get mad because it is the reality, you are soft as a tissue and fragile as a cotton candy.

What if the support did not come to you? what will you do? are you just gonna cry? blame everyone for your shortcomings? Not all the time you will get support so don't rely on that soft word, don't rely on that weak word. Support is a word for helpless and weak people. Don't ever use that.

I am not saying that support is bad but just use it if it was given to you without asking for it. If it comes to you freely and someone just offered it then accept it, if people wants to help you then it only means that you deserve some help but if not it means that you have to do it by your own.

It is not about pride, it is not about proving something to people, it is about taking full responsibility of yourself. People don't like people who always asks for help. If there is a person who is always helping you and you continually abused that person that person will soon get tired of you. Nobody wants a parasite, nobody wants a blood sucking individual who only knows is to get and get and get.

Stop acting like a child who wants to get a candy everytime he cries. Stop playing soft because you're harder than what you are. Never make asking for help a habit because you will get weaker and weaker every time you do it. You will lose confidence about yourself, you cannot stand alone and you will always practice self pity when someone refuses to help you.

Be a person who only relies on himself, be a helper not a help seeker. Support is only for people whose lives are in danger, support is for people who cannot stand, support is for people who are mentally disable.

If you are in the right frame of mind, inf you can stand, if you can walk, if you can talk, if you can read and write then there is no reason to help you, HELP YOURSELF!!!!

June 27, 2015


There is a huge difference between being humble and unexpressive individual. Being humble is good there is nothing wrong with it, some people are just born humble and they are ok with it. If you are the type of person who is humble and you love being humble then it is good for you, you are being yourself 100 percent and it's just the human being that you are, don't change if you don't want to change.

Being unexpressive is being humble that is against your true character, what do I mean by this? You want to express something, you want to do something, you want to get loud but because you want your identity to remain as a humble human being and you don't want to offend somebody you remain being silent. Is it good for you? I know how it feels because sometimes I am like this but I am trying my best to destroy this kind of attitude.

Not expressing yourself means you are stopping yourself of becoming happy, we as individuals should express ourselves no matter what people think. Even if people say you are cocky, you are a weirdo or whatever nickname they call you, you should still express yourself.

When you are in a situation and you really want to say something or do something but because you want to remain humble you didn't do it, you stop yourself, you become afraid of what people will say or how will they react, is it really being humble or being afraid? Then when you come back to your home you will think about it very long, you will tell to yourself "I should have do that, I should have say it, I suck again, shit!!" What happen is...you regret, you could have been more happier at that moment but because you stay 'BEING HUMBLE' you did not know what is the outcome.

I am not saying that you should become cocky or arrogant, my point here is stop being humble if you are really not, try to become more expressive but not so arrogant. Show your true character, because showing your true character is the real meaning of being happy, it is the real meaning of being in the moment, you don't care about the future, you don't care about the outcome, you just want to embrace the moment and be 100 percent with it.

June 25, 2015


Laziness will make your job bigger and it's true you know that it's true, if you did not know it yet I will teach you why is it.

Let's go by example, let's say you are reading an article and because you are too lazy to read it word by word you just read the paragraphs that you think is important and has the information you needed. After reading the whole story you didn't understand something, there is a missing information that you need to know so what you will do is read the whole article again and find that missing piece that you need to know. Nice work, you double read it!

Another example, you are about to pass your first thesis. What you do the whole week is you watch stupid tv shows and play video games that you think will motivate you ("wow this is grand theft auto, nice cars I will have it someday!") and when the deadline has arrived you pass your thesis incomplete. And when your brutal professor saw it, he crumpled your thesis infront of your face because it is meaningless. What will you do is you will repeat the thesis again. Good job double work again!

You are cooking your favorite dish and its almost done, you lessen the fire and you are just waiting for the meat to soften. Well because you are too lazy to guard it you leave it for a while and you chat with your friends in a popular social media called facecrook, you tell to yourself "I will be back in 5 minutes" but you enjoy chatting with your friend and hours go by and you forgot what you are cooking then TADA! the dish is burned. Go back to start, chopped the vegetables and prepare the ingredients.

It is better to take your job seriously and endure its hardship because you don't need to repeat it again. Being lazy will double the job just like an elementary or college student who is a repeater because he is always lazy to go to school and always lazy to finish his assignments, the result is FAILURE!

June 25, 2015


Stop bothering what bothers you, what I mean by this is if you are doing something and you need a lot of focus or you need to do it with a lazerlike focus, if there is something going on outside of your zone stop giving attention to it. If you have a goal and there are lots of critics that people are throwing at you just ignore them, you can't control them anyway and even if you are the most perfect guy in this world there will be a lot of critics that you will receive everyday.

If you are studying and your neighbor is too loud because they are having a useless party and they wanted to become cool stop thinking about them, just put your headset, listen to a relaxing music and study like a monk. If you argue with them if you let them know that you are getting irritated they will tune up their noise even more. That's what most people do, especially if they are drunk they love to instigate fights, they love to show that they are untouchable, mainly because of the influence of alcohol.

Stop bothering what bothers you, their main purpose is to put you away on what you are doing, your momentum will be destroyed if you give attention to them. If you try to control them it will even get worse, they will try to distract you even more, they love to see you getting distracted and annoyed.

Just focus on what you are doing, if you need to take a break and recondition yourself do it but never give attention to anyone or anything that is not worth giving an attention.

June 24, 2015


This world is a believer of mainstream, where the crowd goes everybody goes. What if you don't want to follow the crowd?, what if you don't need to follow the crowd? You get what I'm saying? Let me give you some examples.

This world believes that only graduates and only those who came from exclusive and popular schools thrive and they are the only ones who will get a good job. Will you believe in this assumption? at some point it is true but not all the time. A lot of big names are undergraduates because they don't believe that education is the only key to success instead they create their own destiny, they didn't follow the crowd, they thread their own path.

At some cases coming from a popular school has a big advantage because people are in love with identity, but what if you did not came from a popular school? are you not going to pursue a big position in a company that you are working? are you just going to identify that with yourself and become a slave of those people who came from a popular school but are lame and undedicated?

You have no choice but to make your own beliefs if you want to thrive too, if you stick with the beliefs of other people you will not evolve, you will get stuck and you will remain a peasant forever do you want that? If you want to succeed you have to make your own beliefs and fully believe in it.

Make a belief that if you work hard, if you dedicate yourself, if you push and push and push you will finally get what you want regardless of people think of you. Make a belief that underdogs can become an overdog someday as long as they keep on pursuing their dreams. Make a belief that everything is achievable and really believe that, don't make a reliever belief for the sake of just feeling good or for just daydreaming.

Make a belief that will empower you, that will make you move, that will put you into a desperation mode and do whatever it takes to get your dream. You can invent your belief, it's your mind, it's your life you can choose whatever belief you create and believe in it.

They say that at the age of 28 is the final age of anyone's peak stage, what if you are already 38 and you haven't reached or feel your peak stage yet? make your own belief, believe that 40 years old is the earliest age of peak stage. If you believe them how does it help you? Believing them will only make you weak. You will start doubting yourself and avoid taking actions

They say that greatness are only for chosen few and it also has something to do with genetics. Well trash that saying, what if you wanted to become great and you have no history, talent or whatever? are you still going to believe them? You should raised your standards, practice everyday, make a belief that someday is going to be your day and escalate your belief everyday to another level. If anyone's belief is not empowering you get rid of it immediately, don't let it grow, don't let it stick to your system, replace it with a belief that will put you into success and continue believing it.

June 23, 2015


Find a reason why you should keep going not an excuse to give up. Find a reason why are you doing the thing that you love to do not an excuse that it is not working. Find a reason why you want to live independently not an excuse like "people might think I am a weirdo". Find a reason why you still need to go to your office even if you are already late not an excuse that you will just file a sick leave because your day is already ruined by traffic. Find a reason why you need to pursue your goal not an excuse that it is unachievable. Find a reason why you need to forgive and love again your spouse not an excuse that the relationship is not working anymore. Find a reason why you still need to keep on fighting even if you already lose not an excuse that it is not worth fighting anymore.

Find a reason to keep fighting in everything worth fighting for not an excuse that it is really hard. Find a reason why you still need to live not an excuse that your body is already weak and you cannot continue anymore. Find a reason why you should do something you don't want to do because you need to do it not an excuse that you don't feel like doing it. Find a reason why life is a gift not an excuse that only chosen people are gifted. Find a reason why you can do anything you want not an excuse that you are not capable of doing it.

June 23, 2015


How many of you dedicate your life following your idol? You have all of his albums, all of his jerseys, you go to their concerts without missing their tour, you have their posters inside of your room. You follow their tweets everyday, some even has a tattoo of his idol on his chest or butt.

What's wrong with you guys? don't you love your life? You have your own identity don't admire someone too much because you are wasting your uniqueness. Some people has totally followed the footsteps of his idol. Wearing the same dress as his idol, the same haircut, same accent etc.

You are wasting your time because you are not following your purpose instead you follow someone else's.You spend most of your time knowing what is your idol doing, eating, who is his latest girlfriend.

It is ok to admire someone but you don't have to cry if your idol dies or is not popular anymore. You give most of your time to you idol but do they even know you? will they give time to you if you want them too?

June 22, 2015


Your source of your strength is your preparation, even if you are already a strong person if you did not prepare you will get weak in the long run, your power will get depleted because your body is not conditioned and you don't have the mental stamina to keep going.

Those people who think that they are strong enough and they don't need to prepare is delusional, they are cocky and they will fail in the end, even champions prepare, they even prepare the hardest.

If you prepare hard enough for a competition then you are sure to win, you will compete at the highest level and you will have a lot of energy during pressure times, not only in competition but also in some areas of life. If you prepare enough then you are guaranteed to get victorious.

If you experience difficulty but you know in yourself you prepare you can overcome that difficulty because you already know that feeling and that is not new to you. You will remember how it feels to suffer, you will remember the days that you train, you can overcome any suffering.

The longer and the harder you prepare the more you get stronger, during pressure times you will have a reserve energy, you will get something to keep you going while others already gave up. A lot of people underestimate the power of preparation or maybe they are just too lazy to prepare. In life we get what we put in so if you put nothing don't expect to get something. You may not see any rewards yet during preparation but you will see it if the going gets tough.

June 22, 2015


HANGING GAMES - this is the favorite game of people who always keep other people waiting, who always wait for the right moment, who are hesitant and cannot decide what is good for their lives.

Stop playing this game, this make the world slow, this stops the progress, this shit is not healthy.

Did you ever work for a client and you keep him waiting to finish a simple task for weeks? the worse thing is you make a lot of excuses such as you got sick, you got a pimple on your butt, your electricity has been stolen and any other lame excuses that will make your client even mad.

Did you ever commit to an appointment then you are late for hours? you keep on telling to the person who is waiting that you will be there in 15 mins but the reality is you haven't take a bath yet. Wow! that was brutal.

Stop playing the hanging games, this shit is not healthy, you are making it difficult for everyone, you are making the world revolve slow, the more you delay something the worse it will get.

June 22, 2015


Not all of your works will become epic even though you are so talented, sometimes some of your works will suck to other people's eyes, you are just a human being and it's normal, don't feel ashamed of yourself, just keep doing what you do best and never lose your confidence.

Not all the time you can be in the zone, sometimes you will really have a bad night, sometimes you cannot even do what is right, don't be sad, it's just a reminder that you are just a human like everybody else, you are not a perfect person, you will make mistakes but you can correct those mistakes, cheer up there will always be another chance.

Not all the time you will feel good, not all the time you will be on top, life is revolving, emotions is a roller coaster. If you feel good everyday and you don't feel bad anymore for a year then maybe you are already crazy, people who cannot feel bad anymore is not real, we are humans we will feel bad every now and then but the good thing is we can choose what kind attitude we will use to any given situation.

Did you ever see a person who didn't feel bad? who is always winning? who is never questioned or get criticized? there is no such thing as that kind of person. Maybe that person is already dead if it do really exist.

Not all the time is a good time, what human beings cannot understand is what comes after a bad time is good time, you will not stick into a situation, feeling or adversity if you have the right attitude to change your mindset. Embrace that you are losing,embrace that you are feeling bad, it will not be permanent, sooner or later everything will be good again.

June 21, 2015


You make your life harder than it is because of taking useless information or wanting to know information that is not helpful to you. You want to know everything, you want to know the birthday of your favorite celebrity, you want to know where he lives or where he is born. Do you really need to know it? how does it benefit you? The worse case is sometimes you got caught in an argument with somebody because both of you are fighting for what the right info is.

Sometimes you got overwhelmed by someone who knows better than you and is sarcastically belittling your knowledge, you will take it personally and you will study a lot of things that is not relevant to your life so that when you meet him again you will prove him that you are a smarter person. What is the point of that?

Instead of studying something for the sake of impressing somebody just study what matters most, study what will make you richer, study what will make your relationships healthier, don't study what shouldn't be studied it's just a waste of time.

You know what is right for you, you know what will make you a better person you don't need everybody to know it!

June 20, 2015


Too much intro will kill you...What I mean by that? before you make a move there is so much going into your head, there are lot of things that you want to do first. For example you want to exercise, do you exercise right way? I am sure not, before you exercise you want to watch TV first, you keep telling to yourself "I will finish my favorite TV program then after that I will exercise" then after you finish the program what? you will watch another TV program because you like what is next, it seems like you are loving all the TV programs and all the programs are your favorite, then after you got tired of watching TV you want to take a nap or you want to do other things, then after so much excuses you will decide to do it tomorrow and then the same habit will be implemented and zero results will be accomplished.

Another example is you want to tell your mom that you are getting married, I bet you can't tell that right away. You will find the right timing, you will plan to set up a dinner and weeks will go by and that dinner did not happen. Then suddenly your momentum will become weak, your fiance will get mad at you and you will fight then that's the only time you really decide to tell about your marriage to your mom. Do you need to fight with your fiance first to get things done?

You want to start a business or a new career but before you do it a lot of things are running to your mind again. You want to make all things perfect, you will ask your friends about this about that and then if you get feedbacks that you don't like you wont start it, funny isn't it? It's ok to ask but don't get in the trap of asking forever, just get some opinions and then start!!! throw yourself to the path that you want and then commit.

It is like a song, have you heard a song that has a 2 minute intro? it is so boring right? before the lyrics start you want to stop the song and listen to another one. Too much intro is not fun, too much intro will not get the job done, it will give doubts, fears and you will learn how to enjoy procrastinating.

If you have a task to do, an important thing to do, a business or even a very small job do it right away, stop engaging on a lot of ceremonies before you start. Do it right away regardless of how you feel. Even if your pace is slow at the beginning, it is better to start and make a slow momentum rather than preparing forever. You have a pending task now? SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO IT!

June 19, 2015


I will build a business, something that will change the world, something that can earn millions. mmmm... A restaurant that serves zero cholesterol food and I mean it, I will build that, that is good, that is unique, I will build that next year, I will build that if I already have a budget or if there is a financer out there.

I will invent something, something that has never seen before, something that will change my fortune and turned me into a billionaire.....A flying bike or a flying car, yes!!! those are nice ideas, it  will surely click and make me popular. I will start inventing it next month, I have to enjoy my vacation first.....and when that month comes another excuse is formed - "I have to take lessons about machines first, I don't know anything about machines, but where is my money to get an education about machines?"

WHAT THE F***!!! People has thousands of ideas and their imagination is unlimited but the execution, yeah I mean the EXECUTION!!! where is it? people just talk and talk. They talk about their plans, they talk about their goals but they cannot execute!

Funny isn't it? are you one of these people? do you love to talk about your dreams then once you tell everyone about your dreams and make you feel better then you will let it die? There are thousands of ideas but there are millions of excuses. The ratio is not balance, if you talk more but do less then your shitty dreams will not come true.

My advice is stop making plans, stop talking, just do it and lets see the result. If what you are doing is not making any progress then reverse the course. If all you do is talk and you can't see results then change it, this time you will do is just doing and less talking. Ideas will never ran out so stop talking about it. JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND. (only if that is related to your goal, stop doing nonsense things)

June 19, 2015


You were always criticizing a lot of athletes, writers, politicians, celebrities or even co workers and telling them that they are no good, not beautiful, not making an impact but the reality is you are not even half as good as them.

If you find yourself always mocking different people, wanting to drag people down and easily irritated by someone's success it only means that you are insecure and cannot prove something to this world.

Are you one of these people who always find something wrong about someone? Are you one of these people who can't be happy if someone does a little thing that catches a lot of attention? Did you backstabbed someone who makes a little mistake and make fun of him? Do you always look for the flaws of people?

If you are one of these people then you are so weak, you always find the fault of other people but you cannot even correct your personality.

Only criticize others if you have proved to the world that you are a much better person than those you are gossiping. Criticize if you have the track records that can prove that you are a much better person and has no flaws, weaknesses or ugliness in life.

If you are perfect then you can criticize but if not just shut your mouth and enjoy the success of others. If you are pulling someone down it only means that the person you are destroying is much better than you or he has what you don't have.

Stop being insecure, if you really hate someone then beat him by being better than him, if you cannot beat him then shut your mouth and stop spreading nonsense, lies and badwords that can make someone feel miserable.