May 10, 2015


JUST BE PRESENT, this is one of the most underrated praises because sometimes people get tired of just being present. They are tired because they cannot see any results even though they were present everyday. Sometimes people wonder if being present everyday is still needed or it's just a waste of time. It is really hard especially if your efforts weren't appreciated. It is really hard if you can't see any rewards for the time that you are putting in.

But just because you can't see any fruits of your labor yet doesn't mean you will only show up anytime you want to. Breaks will be given to those who are patiently waiting for their break. A lot of popular artists, popular athletes, entertainers have waited a long long time before their break was given. Some wait for months , years or even decade before they were get noticed.

What if the break that you are waiting arrives on the single day that you decide to take a rest because you are not feeling well? Do you think it will come back again? Maybe but most of the time it won't.

Don't get tired of being present everyday because the number of days that you are present will be deducted to the number of days that you have to wait for your goal. Do you get me? Lets say that your goal will take two months straight to arrive but you don't know it so suddenly you take a break on the 60th day, what if the opportunity arrived on the 60th day? All of the hardwork that you spent will just die in vain. You will miss the opportunity, the worse case is you will go back to zero.

Just be present everyday even if you feel so tired, even if your emotions aren't right. Being present means you are expecting something to happen. It also means you are aligned with your goals and not out of track.

I've learned in life that most of us if we did not get what we want after spending so much time on a chosen field we quit. For example a basketball player that spends most of his time sitting on the bench even though he is always present in practice and working extra hard, there will be time when he will say to himself that is enough is enough and then he will quit practicing and stop giving his best.

Breaks always comes in disguised. Sometimes you don't know that what is happening now is the break that you are waiting for. For example a basketball player that has been benched for three years will get his break if a star player on their team was injured or if he was traded to another team.

Be mindful of what is happening around you, if there is something that causes you discomfort or there is an unexpected event that happened...maybe that is the break that you are waiting for. So the key is always be present, always do thing that you think will put you in a better position. All of your efforts, all of the time you spent on something will be rewarded at the end only if you are present when the opportunity arrives.

Be consistent as possibly as you can be, stop making excuses for not showing up, excuses are for losers, excuses are for people who are weak willed and cannot commit. Just be present and wait for your moment.

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