April 02, 2015


Nobody is stronger than you except yourself because the only one who can beat you is yourself, not anyone, not tragedies, not bad luck or even failure. There is no other person to get blame if you fail other than you.

If you fail, it is because you quit, there is no such thing as failure if you keep going, never consider a misachievement of goal a failure, it only happens because it is not the right time yet or you did not prepare very well.

If you got outclass by an opponent it is because you let him do it to you, he is not stronger than you are. If you got scolded by your teachers or boss it is not because they are not nice, it is because you did not do the right thing.

If you are in a business were there are lot of competitors that are thriving don't think that they are better than you or smarter than you, it is simply because you are not putting enough effort to thrive too or maybe they have more experience than you but that doesn't mean you cannot reach their level, you too can become great once you work your ass off and gain more experience from any kinds of situations may it be good or bad.

There is no point of blaming others for your defeat or telling yourself that they are stronger than you. You are the one who move, you are the one who study, you are the one who train and you are the one who makes decisions so if you fail or get beaten that only means that you allow yourself to beat yourself, you allow yourself to give up, you allow yourself to not put so much effort and you allow yourself think that you are weak. So now tell me, what is the point of competing if you will allow others to be stronger than you?

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