April 08, 2015


If a 78 year old guy is studying law and wants to become an attorney, why does a lot of people laughs at him or raise an eyebrow? If a former prostitute says she wants to go back to school and finished her studies, why does someone will judge her? If an average student says he wants to study in Harvard, why does his classmates laughs at him? If you want to study how to cook or how to sing, why do you hesitate to start?

Learning is for everyone, no matter what status in life do you stand or how bad is your past, you can still study and learn something that will help your life. If you can read and listen then you can learn anything you want even if you are not intelligent. Even blinds and deaf can learn so you too can learn. Brains are like muscles, the more we put information on it the bigger it will grow. Never mind if people are laughing at you or mocking you, if you want to learn that means you want to progress. Learning can be done in different ways, you can learn by asking, by observing, by trying or by formal education.

 Learning is fun because it gives you a boost of confidence and you feel smart when you learn, and the more you feel smart, the more confident you will be. Imagine if you've learn a lot in just a year, can you imagine what your life would be? If you already learn what somebody wants to learn and he is asking you some tips or advice, be generous, tell him everything you know and everything he wants to know. I can't hardly understand why some people is afraid of learning, maybe because at first you will look stupid and ignorant. But you will be ignorant forever if you don't embrace the uncomfortability of learning.

Some people says that they are old enough and know everything they need in life so they are not studying anymore. This philosophy is bad. A man should learn everyday so that he keeps on growing everyday. Some people says that learning is only for high class people or for white collar employees. This philosophy is bad too, learning is for everyone and nobody can tell you to stop studying something because it is not right for you. Never be shy if you want to learn something, be shy if you are pretending to be smart but deep inside you know nothing.

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