April 07, 2015


Choose to become faster and not slower. There is so much fun on becoming faster. If you are in an emotional breakdown, it is much easier if you can move on fast. If you can earn fast you will become richer at an earlier age. If you can run fast you can win the race multiple times. If you can learn fast you will learn more in a very short period of time. If you can decide fast then problems will not be in pending. If you can move fast then you can do a lot of things. If you are fast a lot of people will be happy to you, a lot of people will admire you, who wants a slow mover in this fast pace world?

But always keep in your mind that if you move fast you will still think and you will still care about the results, don't just move fast for the sake of showing your speed. Always take care of the quality and not the quantity. It is fun to become fast but if the results is not good then it is better to become slower. Being fast is not a talent or it is not in the genetics. If you want to become faster at any given field then you should train your mind, train your body, train all your cells, repeat everyday and everything will become automatic. START FAST FINISH FASTER!!!

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