April 03, 2015


If you can do ten push ups then do it. It doesn't matter if it is just ten or even lesser than ten just do it.
If you can run slow then run, never care if the turtle is faster than you, just run, you can finish the race and remember life is not a race. If you can draw, if you can paint, if you can make arts then do it, never stop yourself, stop stopping yourself. If you can make your life better by just giving your best, by just having the intention that you want to become better or at least a little better than your old self then do it, it doesn't matter how you do it, it doesn't matter if the improvement is so little, just become better, just improve yourself.

If you can earn at least a hundred bucks a day or even ten bucks or even 5 bucks just do it, never let any opportunity pass, never let anything that you think you can have slip away.

Life is a matter of doing what you can and not thinking about what you can't, if you can do simple things then do it even if it is just simple. Beware that those simple things can turn into big things if done consistently. If you can do more then it is better but if you can do less don't feel sorry for yourself, just find a way how to make those small things bigger and eventually it will.

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