April 05, 2015


There is a difference between speeding up the process and making shortcuts. You can get your goals faster by speeding up the process but not taking shortcuts. Ok I guess I am confusing you a little bit now, I will explain it to you further and give some examples.

Here is one good example, if your goal is to finish college and earn a certain degree you can speed it up by taking summer classes or taking additional units every semester, you are not taking shortcuts but you are shortening the period of time for finishing a certain degree.

If you want to have a car and your timetable is getting it in just three years, you can get it in just 2.5 years or just 2 if you do a lot of overtimes or finding any small business that will give you additional money, again you are not making shortcuts but you are making the process faster.

If you wanted to lose weight and you want to speed up the process there are some ways too. Don't eat fatty foods, junk foods, cholesterolic foods for 2 weeks and jog at least 48 minutes a day. I am very sure and I guarantee you this will work, you will at least lose 2-5 lbs, if it doesn't work I will cut my wrist. This is the process that I know and I am very sure of it because it did work for me, stop complicating life because it will only lengthen the process, stop watching TV and buying any equipment or some sort of DVD's that only wants your money, they are teaching bullshits that doesn't work and will require you to buy their secondary products after buying the first one, it will only make you wait and wait for results that never show. Just eat healthy foods for 2 weeks, no crappy foods and exercise that's it, you lose some weight. Even if you just lose 1 or 2 lbs at least there is a progress and tiny progress once repeated over and over again will become a huge success.

Find some ways that will speed up the process to your goal, again never make shortcuts because there are no shortcuts in life there are only fast ways.

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