April 23, 2015


He is a champion, he is big, they are rich, they are elite, they've been doing that for years, I am just a rookie. I don't know how to do that, he is strong, she is beautiful, she is smart, it's too big for us, lets stop dreaming, they are the children of God, he is so fast, we can't win, he is a black belter, he is the best, he is the greatest. Our levels are not the same, she is rich, they are powerful, I have no name, I am just an ordinary poor boy from province, I am just a cowboy.

Are the words above have came across in your mind before? Just remember that people around you is just another human being who is also immortal, feeling pain and will not live forever.

Are you always shy trying to talk to your crush? does your armpits always sweat when you try to approach a beautiful girl? This is normal but always bear in mind that beautiful people are not perfect, they have insecurities too, sometimes they are more insecure than average looking people. They always wanted to look good, they feel inferior if they have no makeups or thick powder in their face. All human beings have insecurities and you are one of them so beautiful individuals are not different from other people, they also wanted to feel appreciated and they also feel threatened when there is a more beautiful person beside them.

Are you scared to challenge a champion?, are you scared to compete against a team or a person who has a big name? Why? those are just human beings too, they get tired, they have fears and they have flaws on their game. They don't have super powers so don't get fazed when you see them. Besides, if you know in yourself that you prepare for the game or fight you don't have anything to be afraid of, what if your opponent is a champion but did not train so hard? See, you already have a big advantage, don't be afraid of names or looks, be afraid if you did not prepare.

We as human beings, it is our natural instincts to get scared if we see people who we think are better than ourselves. Stop doing it, everyone is even, everyone gets scared, everyone gets insecured. Confidence and hardwork will separate you from the pack, its not the names or accomplishments, it is your preparation and knowing who you are.

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