April 20, 2015


To make life easier appreciate every second. Even if you are in pain appreciate that you are still breathing. Even if you are hungry appreciate that you already ate yesterday or last week. Even if you fail appreciate that you learn something. Even if you are so stressed appreciate that you are still moving to get the job done. Even if you are criticized or embarrassed or hated appreciate that people still noticed you, that you stand out, that you are something to talk about. Even if you have no money appreciate that money is not your only happiness.

Appreciate everything, appreciate life, this will make your life easier, this will change your perspective, this will give you a positive momentum and belief that you are still lucky despite of your circumstances in life.

There is nothing wrong with nothingness, there is nothing wrong with pain, it is part of our life. Our life is not complete without any little ugliness so appreciate every second, appreciate everything, life is good, you are lucky, you are blessed just change your perspective and you will know that life is simple and easy.

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