April 25, 2015


Sometimes if we are doing the same things over and over again it will come to a point where the fun is no longer evident anymore. Just like me I worked as an encoder for 4 years. The first 3 years was full of fun, it was very challenging, I was pumped up. Everyday was like a new day, I love the working environment, I love my co-workers and I felt like I am a real professional because I am working at the office with tables and computers in my surrounding. The nightmare begins on my 4th year, I am no longer feeling my job, the thrill is gone, I begin to hate going to office, I am very lazy at work, I often use my sick leaves even though it is not needed. The passion is gone, things got heavier for me. Days have passed and things got worse for me, my production is very low, I found myself always sleeping at my desk luckily I was not caught or maybe my supervisor was just kind.

The happiest day for me is the payday other than that all day is bad. As the days go by I am getting lazier and lazier. I am finding solutions but the solutions aren't finding me. Sometimes resignation is running inside of my head but I can't do that because I need money.

Thing have changed when a motivator visits our office, here name is Marge. I cannot remember her last name but she was awesome. She thought me a lot and her story was inspiring. She told me that if you are not enjoying your present situation change it, if you are not enjoying your work anymore leave it. BUT... Not all things are easy, yes it is good to take risks but what if you have no money? You can't just leave your work and hope that things will go on your way. If you will leave your work you must have savings to survive for at least 7 months. Money to compensate your food, bills, needs of the family, allowance for applying for a new job etc.

Never listen to people who say "If you don't love your job leave it". This phrase is incomplete, I say "leave your job if you can leave it and not getting screwed up". Some people were fooled by a lot of cinderella stories out there where a person leaves his job enters a real estate business or some kind of an MLM scheme and then BOOM! gets rich in just one month.

If you leave your job and you don't have enough money while looking for a new job then you're in big trouble. I know a lot of people who fall into this trap where they dream but they don't have a backup plan. They are so proud that they will leave their job that they consider hell. Then months have passed and you will hear the news that they are struggling to find a new job and they are planning to comeback to the company that they leave. What a shame!

You can change any situation in your life, may it be changing the job, changing friends, changing home

April 24, 2015


Don't forget that you can choose whatever you want. You can choose your friends whom you will trust. You can choose what color of clothes you want to wear. You can choose if you will be mad at something or not. You can choose if you want to be happy everyday or worry at things that really don't matter. You can choose if you want to move and try something or just procrastinate and think what might be the outcome if you try.

You can choose if you want to be strong or be commanded by someone who is stronger than you. You can choose if you want to have more or settle for less. You can choose the right mental attitude or be ruled by your own mind. You can choose if you want to feel rich or feel poor. You can choose your goals and go for it or not. Life is a choice really, we can choose our actions, emotions, perspective in life and we can choose to be positive or negative. We can choose our lifestyle and live the life we want. Life is a matter of choice so choose the right things and right thinking.

April 23, 2015


He is a champion, he is big, they are rich, they are elite, they've been doing that for years, I am just a rookie. I don't know how to do that, he is strong, she is beautiful, she is smart, it's too big for us, lets stop dreaming, they are the children of God, he is so fast, we can't win, he is a black belter, he is the best, he is the greatest. Our levels are not the same, she is rich, they are powerful, I have no name, I am just an ordinary poor boy from province, I am just a cowboy.

Are the words above have came across in your mind before? Just remember that people around you is just another human being who is also immortal, feeling pain and will not live forever.

Are you always shy trying to talk to your crush? does your armpits always sweat when you try to approach a beautiful girl? This is normal but always bear in mind that beautiful people are not perfect, they have insecurities too, sometimes they are more insecure than average looking people. They always wanted to look good, they feel inferior if they have no makeups or thick powder in their face. All human beings have insecurities and you are one of them so beautiful individuals are not different from other people, they also wanted to feel appreciated and they also feel threatened when there is a more beautiful person beside them.

Are you scared to challenge a champion?, are you scared to compete against a team or a person who has a big name? Why? those are just human beings too, they get tired, they have fears and they have flaws on their game. They don't have super powers so don't get fazed when you see them. Besides, if you know in yourself that you prepare for the game or fight you don't have anything to be afraid of, what if your opponent is a champion but did not train so hard? See, you already have a big advantage, don't be afraid of names or looks, be afraid if you did not prepare.

We as human beings, it is our natural instincts to get scared if we see people who we think are better than ourselves. Stop doing it, everyone is even, everyone gets scared, everyone gets insecured. Confidence and hardwork will separate you from the pack, its not the names or accomplishments, it is your preparation and knowing who you are.

April 21, 2015


Never act like you have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true. Don't feel like you will live forever so you can delay all the tasks needed to be done for the realization of your goals. No one in this world is immortal so if you wanted to do something do it now! Never wait for the right time to get started or the right feelings to be felt to get motivated.

We are only humans and not Gods so we only have limited time in this world. Sickness is all in the mind and never use it as an excuse to pause for a while. Stop using delaying tactics so you can feel better, it will make you feel even worse and weaker. Stop questioning your progress, never doubt your potential because no one can be as talented as you if you keep on honing your craft. The average life span of a single human being is only 70 years old and at the age of 50 above you should already rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So if you are already 30 years old now you only have 20 years to make your dreams happen.

 Never think that it is a huge amount of time, it is not. You will be shocked that you are already 35, 40 and so on and has nothing on your pocket. Life is so short, we are not immortals to party every night and never grew old. Living life to the fullest is not merely by just partying, eating all the foods you want, climbing mountains, going to different places, doing cool things etc. Adventure is not just by having fun, it also means you are tying to achieve greatness or you are taking risk to know how big you can be and how strong you can be. If you wanted to become a singer, a basketball player, an Olympian or a millionaire you better start now, leave all your worries behind and do all the necessary steps whole heartedly.

April 20, 2015


To make life easier appreciate every second. Even if you are in pain appreciate that you are still breathing. Even if you are hungry appreciate that you already ate yesterday or last week. Even if you fail appreciate that you learn something. Even if you are so stressed appreciate that you are still moving to get the job done. Even if you are criticized or embarrassed or hated appreciate that people still noticed you, that you stand out, that you are something to talk about. Even if you have no money appreciate that money is not your only happiness.

Appreciate everything, appreciate life, this will make your life easier, this will change your perspective, this will give you a positive momentum and belief that you are still lucky despite of your circumstances in life.

There is nothing wrong with nothingness, there is nothing wrong with pain, it is part of our life. Our life is not complete without any little ugliness so appreciate every second, appreciate everything, life is good, you are lucky, you are blessed just change your perspective and you will know that life is simple and easy.

April 19, 2015


Everyone will reach his breaking point at any stage of his life. It is either a breaking point where you cannot stand the suffering anymore so you give up, you free yourself from pain so you choose to end it and travel an easier path or it is either a breaking point where you tell yourself  "enough is enough, I don't want to live this kind of life anymore so I will do whatever it takes to change my life no matter how hard the consequences will be". In other words the breaking point can be positive because you made a decision to continue and ignore all the pain or it is negative because you don't want to feel the pain anymore so you give up.

You can choose your breaking point, your situation will not dictate your breaking point no matter how hard your situation is. Your mind and will decide whether when and how to choose your breaking point, if you choose a positive breaking point then your focus will become more serious, your actions will become more relevant to your goal, you will become more eager because you cannot stand your situation anymore and all you want to do is improve it. If you choose a negative breaking point such as giving up, you will be relieve for a moment but this is a decision that you will regret forever in your life. There will be times when you will tell yourself "what could have happen if I did not give up?" and that is the most hurtful consequence when you choose a negative breaking point.

So when you are in a situation where you have to choose a breaking point, what would that be? My recommendation is choose your breaking point wisely, make a decision where you will not have any regrets and make a decision where you can be proud of no matter what will happen in the future.

April 15, 2015


When a client tells you to do something do it, forget about how you feel, forget about other tasks such as moaning the grass, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor etc. just do it, you will find some time for other activities later. If you need to eat but you don't have appetite just eat your food, be straight forward, you will enjoy your meal once you begin to appreciate it and take it slowly.

If you need to pay your bills just pay it, don't wait until you get disconnected from their services. If you need to visit your grandma or mama that you haven't seen for a long time just do it, forget about the time that you think will be wasted, it's not a waste of time to give some time for your love ones.

Be straight forward, if you need to cut down some weight just do it, walk, climb, run just move, forget about being tired, forget about whether you are losing some weight or not, just move, just do something.

Always be straight forward, if you need to do something important just do it, forget about your emotions whether you feel good or not, forget about the other tasks, just be at the moment, do one task at a time, be straight forward and your goals will be attracted straight forward to you too.

April 15, 2015


Most of us if will apologize immediately if we thought that we hurt somebody or made a mistake. I think this is not being humble instead it is being weak. If you are not sure that you hurt somebody or you made a mistake stop apologizing. It will show that your character is soft and you don't want to look mean or nasty.

Some people will take this as an advantage and will spoil your soft character. If you made an impression that you are too gentle and you always wanted to be liked then you are also telling everyone that you can easily be commanded and you are submissive. One thing that you must learn in life is that you should not be apologizing every now and then, apologize if you really hurt someone but if not then don't. It is ok to be good, it is ok to be gentle but being kind and scared are two different things. Be bold, be confident, portray a tough self image.

April 12, 2015


If you really believe then you will not listen to others.
If you really believe, you will take an accountability for yourself.
If you really believe, you will push yourself to the limits.
If you really believe, nothing can bother you.
If you really believe, you will never care about mistakes.
If you really believe, you will do whatever it takes to accomplished your goals.
If you really believe, you will not make any excuses.
If you really believe, you will get motivated everyday.
If you really believe, you will not look back instead you will just move forward.
If you really believe, you will risk everything you have.


April 08, 2015


If a 78 year old guy is studying law and wants to become an attorney, why does a lot of people laughs at him or raise an eyebrow? If a former prostitute says she wants to go back to school and finished her studies, why does someone will judge her? If an average student says he wants to study in Harvard, why does his classmates laughs at him? If you want to study how to cook or how to sing, why do you hesitate to start?

Learning is for everyone, no matter what status in life do you stand or how bad is your past, you can still study and learn something that will help your life. If you can read and listen then you can learn anything you want even if you are not intelligent. Even blinds and deaf can learn so you too can learn. Brains are like muscles, the more we put information on it the bigger it will grow. Never mind if people are laughing at you or mocking you, if you want to learn that means you want to progress. Learning can be done in different ways, you can learn by asking, by observing, by trying or by formal education.

 Learning is fun because it gives you a boost of confidence and you feel smart when you learn, and the more you feel smart, the more confident you will be. Imagine if you've learn a lot in just a year, can you imagine what your life would be? If you already learn what somebody wants to learn and he is asking you some tips or advice, be generous, tell him everything you know and everything he wants to know. I can't hardly understand why some people is afraid of learning, maybe because at first you will look stupid and ignorant. But you will be ignorant forever if you don't embrace the uncomfortability of learning.

Some people says that they are old enough and know everything they need in life so they are not studying anymore. This philosophy is bad. A man should learn everyday so that he keeps on growing everyday. Some people says that learning is only for high class people or for white collar employees. This philosophy is bad too, learning is for everyone and nobody can tell you to stop studying something because it is not right for you. Never be shy if you want to learn something, be shy if you are pretending to be smart but deep inside you know nothing.

April 07, 2015


Find at least one reason why do you want to keep going, life will be hard sometimes and you feel like giving up when you feel that there is no more fight left in your heart, you become discouraged, you feel painful, you feel cheated, you feel unfair treatment, you can't see any chances of winning but I am telling you, if you can find at least one valuable reason why do you want to keep going then you will stay on the fight. What is it? is it your mom? is it the money? is it proving them wrong?

There is no turning back, you have to give everything you have and place that one reason why do you want to keep going in your heart. Picture it, visualize it, be bold about it. Place that reason in your mind, think of it everyday, stay focus! That reason will give you strength, that reason will quench your thirst, that reason will rejuvenate your body.

If you can find a reason why do you keep going, you will never stop, your determination will rise and your hopeless heart will become hopeful. What is it? why do you choose it?

April 07, 2015


Choose to become faster and not slower. There is so much fun on becoming faster. If you are in an emotional breakdown, it is much easier if you can move on fast. If you can earn fast you will become richer at an earlier age. If you can run fast you can win the race multiple times. If you can learn fast you will learn more in a very short period of time. If you can decide fast then problems will not be in pending. If you can move fast then you can do a lot of things. If you are fast a lot of people will be happy to you, a lot of people will admire you, who wants a slow mover in this fast pace world?

But always keep in your mind that if you move fast you will still think and you will still care about the results, don't just move fast for the sake of showing your speed. Always take care of the quality and not the quantity. It is fun to become fast but if the results is not good then it is better to become slower. Being fast is not a talent or it is not in the genetics. If you want to become faster at any given field then you should train your mind, train your body, train all your cells, repeat everyday and everything will become automatic. START FAST FINISH FASTER!!!

April 05, 2015


There is a difference between speeding up the process and making shortcuts. You can get your goals faster by speeding up the process but not taking shortcuts. Ok I guess I am confusing you a little bit now, I will explain it to you further and give some examples.

Here is one good example, if your goal is to finish college and earn a certain degree you can speed it up by taking summer classes or taking additional units every semester, you are not taking shortcuts but you are shortening the period of time for finishing a certain degree.

If you want to have a car and your timetable is getting it in just three years, you can get it in just 2.5 years or just 2 if you do a lot of overtimes or finding any small business that will give you additional money, again you are not making shortcuts but you are making the process faster.

If you wanted to lose weight and you want to speed up the process there are some ways too. Don't eat fatty foods, junk foods, cholesterolic foods for 2 weeks and jog at least 48 minutes a day. I am very sure and I guarantee you this will work, you will at least lose 2-5 lbs, if it doesn't work I will cut my wrist. This is the process that I know and I am very sure of it because it did work for me, stop complicating life because it will only lengthen the process, stop watching TV and buying any equipment or some sort of DVD's that only wants your money, they are teaching bullshits that doesn't work and will require you to buy their secondary products after buying the first one, it will only make you wait and wait for results that never show. Just eat healthy foods for 2 weeks, no crappy foods and exercise that's it, you lose some weight. Even if you just lose 1 or 2 lbs at least there is a progress and tiny progress once repeated over and over again will become a huge success.

Find some ways that will speed up the process to your goal, again never make shortcuts because there are no shortcuts in life there are only fast ways.

April 03, 2015


Never rely on the strength of others you know why? because the strength of that person that you rely on will become your strength. What if that person becomes weak? of course you will become weak too. What if that person is not around? where will you get your strength? where will you get your confidence? One more thing that person whose your source of strength will also control you, it is because he knows you cannot survive without him, he will force you to do what you don't want to do because you have no choice but to follow him. You will look weak, you will look powerless and you will become just a side kick. It is your own life be the starring.

Be the person who relies on his own strength, be the man who can do things, be the man who can survive alone. Trust your power, don't look for stronger people who will raise you up because no one is stronger than you other than yourself. You can succeed without being carried by others, you can do it on your own, trust your abilities, trust your own strength!

April 03, 2015


If you can do ten push ups then do it. It doesn't matter if it is just ten or even lesser than ten just do it.
If you can run slow then run, never care if the turtle is faster than you, just run, you can finish the race and remember life is not a race. If you can draw, if you can paint, if you can make arts then do it, never stop yourself, stop stopping yourself. If you can make your life better by just giving your best, by just having the intention that you want to become better or at least a little better than your old self then do it, it doesn't matter how you do it, it doesn't matter if the improvement is so little, just become better, just improve yourself.

If you can earn at least a hundred bucks a day or even ten bucks or even 5 bucks just do it, never let any opportunity pass, never let anything that you think you can have slip away.

Life is a matter of doing what you can and not thinking about what you can't, if you can do simple things then do it even if it is just simple. Beware that those simple things can turn into big things if done consistently. If you can do more then it is better but if you can do less don't feel sorry for yourself, just find a way how to make those small things bigger and eventually it will.

April 02, 2015


Nobody is stronger than you except yourself because the only one who can beat you is yourself, not anyone, not tragedies, not bad luck or even failure. There is no other person to get blame if you fail other than you.

If you fail, it is because you quit, there is no such thing as failure if you keep going, never consider a misachievement of goal a failure, it only happens because it is not the right time yet or you did not prepare very well.

If you got outclass by an opponent it is because you let him do it to you, he is not stronger than you are. If you got scolded by your teachers or boss it is not because they are not nice, it is because you did not do the right thing.

If you are in a business were there are lot of competitors that are thriving don't think that they are better than you or smarter than you, it is simply because you are not putting enough effort to thrive too or maybe they have more experience than you but that doesn't mean you cannot reach their level, you too can become great once you work your ass off and gain more experience from any kinds of situations may it be good or bad.

There is no point of blaming others for your defeat or telling yourself that they are stronger than you. You are the one who move, you are the one who study, you are the one who train and you are the one who makes decisions so if you fail or get beaten that only means that you allow yourself to beat yourself, you allow yourself to give up, you allow yourself to not put so much effort and you allow yourself think that you are weak. So now tell me, what is the point of competing if you will allow others to be stronger than you?

April 02, 2015


All of the successful people has repeatedly said this before, all of whose names were in history, all of the business tycoons, all of the warlords, all of the hall of famer in sports.

"You can have all the talent in this world, you can be the hardest worker but without confidence you are still nothing."

Confidence is different from being cocky, being cocky just wants to make some noise and gathers a lot of attention, Confidence is knowing that you will succeed no matter how hard the situation is. Confidence is knowing without knowledge, confidence is moving without hesitation.

It is ok if you don't have the right amount of confidence now, it is normal some are born with it and some are not but the good news is you can develop confidence by practicing it everyday. Develop a habit that will make you more confident, as you do it everyday your confidence will grow and grow until you have that confidence that will make you succeed.

One habit that will surely make your confidence grow is the habit of doing the task immediately. For example you need to study a lesson, do it immediately regardless of how lazy you feel, just read what is supposed to be read, solve what is supposed to be solved, memorize what is supposed to be memorized. If you need to ask your boss about the increase in your salary go ahead and do it, it doesn't matter if your boss is in a good mood, nothing matters, all that matters is what you need and what you want.

Another habit is doing what scares you the most, this habit is the scariest but the most fun and the most rewarding and the most effective. Yeah you are scared to take the last shot in a basketball game, you are scared to drive, you are scared to swim, you are scared to ask a girl for a date, you are scared to speak infront of people but if you do it everyday those fears will become confidence. Do what scares you most and never mind the result.

Another habit is consistently doing a hobby everyday and be good at it, just make sure you are very passionate at this hobby. It can be painting, drawing, poetry, sports, weaving a basket, cracking jokes, collecting stuffs or anything that is positive and you can be great at. If you are good at something your confidence will grow, it will make you feel you are special and you have something in you that you can be proud of. Continue improving on your hobby and your confidence will also improve, it is because you have something that needs to improve everyday, you have something that you can do when things turn bad,you have something that makes you unique, you have something that you can express your feelings freely and lastly you have something that will make you feel good. It doesn't matter what kind of hobby you choose for as long as it makes you feel good and confident just do it everyday.

So that's it for today folks, hope this article helps you and one thing if you found out that there are some mistakes on my articles such as typos, spelling, grammars etc. I have to confess to you, it is my hobby to just do what I feel like be doing, I don't care about mistakes and not caring about mistakes makes me confident.