March 13, 2015


When you feel tired bear in mind that your opponent becomes tired too. Think that they are tiring twice as you are so never worry if you get tired because you are only a human same as your opponent. If you knew in yourself that you train and you prepare before the competition then there is nothing to worry about, just take some deep breathe and your body will recover fast.

There is no invincible in this world but you can feel invincible if you set your mind into it. Think that your cardio is the strongest, have the mindset that you will move no matter how your body feels. Your opponent is only human same as you, he also feel what you feel but you can have a different interpretation of how you feel. If you feel tired think of it as a sign that you are close to winning, think of it that you are only one step closer to victory, everyone gets tired but not everyone can push through it so be the one who pushes despite of a tired body.

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