March 27, 2015


What your hearts says is what is right for you, it can never be wrong. If it feels good about something and not just good but really really good then you must follow it. If you feel you can be an athlete, a popular singer or some kind of a matinee idol then you are right, just make sure your heart will never feel any doubts or fear while dreaming about that kind of person you wanted to be. If your heart has some doubts then you can't make it or you really don't want it. Your heart will tell you what to do even if you don't know what to do, it is a natural thing, it is like free flowing. If your decision or action was based on what your heart says and not on your environment then you can never go wrong and even if something goes wrong along the way, you will view it as a challenge and not a sign to go on a different direction. There will be no regrets if you follow your heart because all you will feel is love, passion and determination to keep going on.

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