March 03, 2015


Sometimes it takes months or years before people will notice you but I guarantee you that all of your hardwork will not be wasted, just keep on doing what you are doing and never stop, if you can level it up much better. Sometimes universe has a habit of postponing what was asked from him and playing the delaying game but this universe that we live in will get tired of hoarding what was meant for you.

This universe cannot keep his eyes closed if you bleed enough and shout your dreams to get noticed. All your blood, sweat and tears will not be wasted, those hardships are your investments, those struggles are your ticket to success. This universe that makes your life difficult will submit to your liking, this universe will become your follower and he will give you everything you need. It is a matter of who gives up first, if you give up first then everything is gone, all the efforts you did will be back to zero. But if you didn't give up and you keep on trying and trying and trying, the universe will get tired from refraining your dreams from you, he will count your struggles, he will weigh your trials and double or even triple the price back to you.

There is no such thing as a person who does everything and did not get what he want, that person quits that is why he did not get what he want. Look, you've come so far only to give up, I know how it feels to be unrewarded despite of the efforts you exert but trust me this time, you will be heard it is just a matter of time when will the universe opens his ears.

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