March 11, 2015


You Are Passionate At Something If...

1. For whatever reason you still do it even if you are tired
2. You still do it even if there is no money involved
3. You do it before anything else
4. You do it not for fame
5. You do it to make yourself feel good
6. You do it everyday and you cannot sleep without doing it
7. You want to do it forever
8. You can take criticisms and continue doing it
9. You forget about the time while you are doing it
10. Even on your busy schedule you still find time to do it

We are blind if we are passionate at doing something, we forget the rules, we forget the norms, we forget about the consequences for doing it. We just simply do it because it feeds our soul and gives us satisfaction and joy, if you experienced at least 5 things from the list above you are very passionate at what you are doing and you will be very successful, just continue on being passionate and things will flow so easily.

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