March 15, 2015


You know why fear is not real? because it hasn't happen yet, what you fear hasn't happen yet, it is only in your mind, it will only happen if you focus your mind into it, you focus so much on fear that is why it manifests itself. What if you counter your fear and you believe that it is not real? do you think it will make you feel better? certainly it does. Fear makes us sick, fear makes us give up, fear makes us uncreative but fear isn't really real. Do not believe in fear because it doesn't believe in you.

Be logical, don't believe in things that hasn't happen yet and 100 percent of fears comes from anticipation, you anticipate that something bad will happen, you anticipate that you will fail, you anticipate that people will criticize you if you make a mistake that is why you don't want to even try.

Fear is not real because it can only be seen at the future and not at the present moment. Everything that will come from the future can be controlled and can be changed. You can control what is happening now and if you control it in the right way then fear will disappear.

Fear is just a negative emotion, it cannot be seen and cannot be touched so it cannot hurt you so why believe in it?

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