March 20, 2015


Guaranteed that you have fire in what you desire, you are so eager, you work so harder, you are more excited than your competitor or your opponent, your fire is hotter but the question is...Is your fire going to last longer? What if your fire lasts only for few days or weeks? Still you will lose. Make sure your fire is hotter and make sure your fire will last longer, make sure you will get excited the whole year, you will get motivated 365 days a year and you will continue getting motivated the next year and so on until your life is over. This is the only way to stay on top, it is the only way to have an edge to others. A lot of people were only good at the beginning, they were so excited about the new idea, they were so dedicated for the first few days or weeks but when the trouble comes or hardship was felt their fire dies so fast.

I want you to have a fire that cannot be extinguished, a fire that grows bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter no matter what the situation is. Have a fire that will never die when obstacles and adversity shows along the way. Have a fire that will eat anything or anyone that touches it. Have a fire that will live forever even to the last seconds of your life.

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